Thundra Foresight CI Observability Tool Debuts

July 28, 2021 launch its "Foresight - CI Observability Tool." This new product enables developers to understand applications' behavior and the root causes of any failures, in addition to optimizing performance and cost in continuous integration (CI) workflows.

Service reliability, performance, or even availability is prone to regressions with every code change in modern distributed applications. Preventing these challenges is possible when observability is applied in every development cycle to detect, diagnose, understand, and avoid bugs before they become production issues.

Testing is a must in order to deliver reliable software to your end-users. Since modern applications are architectured in a distributed way due to being hosted on the cloud or on-premises, it is difficult to test them and even more difficult to troubleshoot when tests fail. Tracing the root cause of a specific test failure has become increasingly complex and time-consuming, which causes significant delays in shipping new software features and bug fixes.

Productivity is highly dependent on the problem-solving mechanisms found in continuous integration and continuous delivery pipelines. Observability, therefore, becomes a critical necessity rather than a requirement in rapidly changing modern applications, which in turn means shifting left in the software development life cycle becomes crucial. That's where Thundra Foresight comes in: Developers can use Thundra Foresight in their CI pipelines to reduce the impact and cost of potential failures in production. And additionally, applications' quality increases in terms of robustness and resilience, while developer productivity is boosted thanks to this new feature.

"There is a blind spot between development and production that developers try to understand, but they're still using ancient techniques, such as looking at logs. The CI pipeline is not very observable during the build process in general. Developers struggle to understand how long their tests take, which tests fail, and why they fail in their CI pipeline. We have gathered our technology and experience in Foresight and we strongly believe that it will significantly ease the lives of developers," says Berkay Mollamustafaoglu.

Thundra Foresight is the first product to offer deep analytics and debugging capabilities for automated tests. It provides observability into the CI process and enables developers to optimize build durations, commit more frequent deployments, increase productivity, and lower CI costs. With Thundra Foresight's distributed tracing capabilities, developers can quickly identify what went wrong with their test in a failed build, whether it was caused by their code or external services, and then fix it before it happens again.

Thundra Foresight allows developers to:

Integrate with the CI pipeline: Foresight easily integrates with CI pipelines by just adding a few lines of code into the configuration YAML file. It has a plugin for GitHub Actions that makes integration even easier.

See test run results: Foresight captures every test run and contextualizes every error when the CI pipeline is triggered or tests are run manually. It provides details about the test results in means of success, failure, and abortion at the single-test or test-suite level.

Debug tests by using distributed traces: Foresight selectively captures the snapshot of the entire system across multiple external services to inform developers about its exact behavior. It displays the status of every test run for test suites and individual tests. It also makes debugging tests on complex microservice architectures very easy by visualizing the traces in distributed trace charts. Foresight helps to detect the root cause of the test failure, whether it is due to a recent code change or a dependency.

Optimize the CI performance: Foresight displays test durations in a historic fashion and helps to identify performance bottlenecks and spot the long-running outliers. It helps to depict trends and optimize test performances as well.

Foresight is free of cost for open-source projects.

There are some well-known open-source projects in its demo environment where visitors can explore the build process and the tests run for these open source projects. Anybody can integrate their open-source project with Foresight at no cost.

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