Broadcom Upgrades ValueOps Solution

June 16, 2021

Broadcom introduced capabilities for Value Stream Management (VSM) in its ValueOps software portfolio, seamlessly combining the proven investment planning features of Clarity with the advanced Agile management capabilities of Rally software. This new integration delivers a unified solution for business and IT leaders to create and manage consistent value streams that span the enterprise, eliminating friction between roles, reducing cycle times, and improving quality.

“Our implementation of VSM provides executives with a major leap forward in how they can understand and analyze priorities, capacity, progress, and results within their organizations,” said Serge Lucio, vice president and general manager, Enterprise Software Division, Broadcom. “ValueOps from Broadcom is the first solution to extend the concept of a value stream beyond DevOps and operational roles. This new leading-edge solution encompasses metrics and capabilities that matter to business leaders most, tracking value through a continuous product lifecycle and demonstrating significant returns on their investments.”

First to Combine Enterprise-Grade Investment Planning with Agile Management

In the recent report, “Integrated Value Stream Management Benefits Business and Development Leaders,” Forrester Research notes: “Agile and DevOps are key transformation practices for software delivery teams— but they are not enough. VSM helps teams identify waste and focus on value, while providing end-to-end visibility to all stakeholders from planning to production.”

Broadcom Software’s ValueOps solution delivers on the promise of VSM as the first to combine business and investment-oriented product management, providing advanced operationally focused Agile planning and management capabilities. The integration of Broadcom’s proven Clarity and Rally software products enables every role within an enterprise to manage, track and analyze unified value streams with a consistent value orientation and methodology. Combining these leading-edge tools delivers the crucial insights tailored to meet the needs and requirements of each discipline.

“Boeing is a large corporation with a myriad of teams that have to work in unison,” said Lynda Van Vleet, portfolio management systems manager, Boeing Company. “To make sure that the funding is yielding the expected ROI, and that teams deliver on time and that customer and regulatory demands are met, we use ValueOps from Broadcom to match progress data from the teams with business objectives from the executives.”

Broadcom’s extensive capabilities in this area has led to the company being recognized as a “Leader in the 2021 Enterprise Agile Planning Tools,” Magic Quadrant from Gartner Inc. for the fifth consecutive year, and as a leader in IDC’s MarketScape: “Worldwide Agile Project and Portfolio Management 2020 Vendor Assessment.”

Unique Capabilities Add Value to Value Stream Management

ValueOps from Broadcom helps business leaders prioritize and fund their most effective opportunities and articulate them as actionable engineering deliverables, while tracking their overall enterprise value. This innovative new solution demonstrate a substantial return on investment as they progress through the delivery value stream.

Highlights include:

Digital Product Management: flexible organizational tools that work in ways that make sense to the business, such as custom visualization of programs, teams, and other investment objects.

Context Aware Insights: aggregate real-time data from across the enterprise and external sources such as end-user telemetry to paint a complete picture of value stream delivery, performance, and return on investment.

For technical leaders, ValueOps from Broadcom adds the “value” to the DevOps value stream. It seamlessly connects strategic investment plans, funding, business objectives, and key results, ensuring that resources are efficiently delivering the highest-priority and most valuable initiatives.

VSM capabilities include:

Agile Management Driven Directly from Investment Plans: increases alignment with the business and provides delivery roles with better visibility into dependencies, risks, scope growth, and funding changes.

End-to-End Traceability: value streams that map to investment decisions and roll up to business decision-makers in meaningful ways, increasing transparency and allowing DevOps leaders to effectively demonstrate efficiency and value.

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