Kovair, Logic Technology Partner Up

July 5, 2021

Kovair Software has partnered with Logic Technology, one of Europe’s leading providers of embedded development solutions, tools and software components.

Kovair Omnibus Integration Platform is the only multi-vendor ALM/SDLC tools integration technology that is based on the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)Architecture. Serving as the single data-repository of all essential ALM/SDLC services such as collaboration, traceability, process automation, security, reporting and analytics, Kovair Omnibus integrates multiple tools for multiple functions using tool-specific Kovair Adapters. It currently offers 110+ such integrations off the shelf.

“When using software tools from different vendors, chances are these tools are not communicating as effectively as you would expect to see. This means that more manual labour is required in order to keep these tools working together as they should.”, says André De Ceuninck, product manager at Logic Technology. “By using Kovair Software’s Omnibus integrated tool suite, developers can save a lot of time, money and stress, as the system always keeps itself in check. No more extra licenses or manual data transferring, everything is automated. The software comes with all the analytical tools and dashboards that one needs, so you can get a clear overview of your project at an eye’s glance.”

“Kovair is pleased to partner with Logic Technology in the Netherland to extend its product reach in several European countries and extend the benefits of its Value Stream Management Platform – VSMP to the customers specifically in the Embedded Software Development market sector” stated Amit Dasgupta, Sr. Director – Product Solutions and Partnerships at Kovair Software.

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