SUSE Expands AWS Offerings with Professional Services

August 20, 2021

SUSE Professional Services including consulting, training and premium support services are now in the AWS Marketplace. Amazon Web Services customers can now access SUSE professional services alongside already-available SUSE software, simplifying their business processes and enhancing their ability to meet the demands of the digital economy.

SUSE is one of the first Linux operating system providers to offer premium support and consulting services directly in AWS Marketplace.

"Over the past couple of years, SUSE has seen significant movement by our customers to public cloud providers such as AWS," said Kenny Stewart, head of SUSE Global Services and Support. "We've always been committed to going where our customers need to go, so we've worked with AWS to ensure customers can obtain the consulting, training and premium support services they need, right in AWS Marketplace with their SUSE technology solutions. It's another way to help ensure they can innovate everywhere."

Chris Grusz, director of Business Development, AWS Marketplace, Service Catalog, and AWS Control Tower at AWS, said, "We are delighted SUSE's offerings are now available in AWS Marketplace, giving our shared customers more options and greater confidence as they run their applications on the cloud."

By working with AWS, SUSE now offers cloud users complete solutions that include both software and related professional services, customizing each offer to meet unique customer needs. As mission-critical applications are increasingly moving to the cloud, SUSE services help ensure they run optimally in the cloud, minimizing downtime and boosting customers' businesses in their respective markets.

"The ability to purchase in AWS Marketplace is very beneficial as it standardizes the license terms and cuts down on contract execution time, while still providing flexibility through private offers," said Abhi Shanmugan, director, Enterprise Architecture - Apps and Integration at Phillips 66. "We are pleased that SUSE is providing their different products in AWS Marketplace."

SUSE Global Services help simplify, accelerate and modernize customer infrastructure with fixed-cost offerings designed to help enterprises discover the right open source solutions to achieve business outcomes, design solutions that will speed implementation, deploy solutions confidently to realize rapid ROI, and optimize solutions and reduce business disruption through direct relationships with SUSE professionals

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