Fortinet Rolls Up Commandlink, DNA, Syringa Networks and TIM to Deliver Enhanced SD-WAN Offerings

June 10, 2021

Fortinet touted four new service providers from around the world have selected Fortinet Secure SD-WAN to differentiate their business and deliver new value-added services to customers. These four organizations, including Commandlink, DNA, Syringa Networks and TIM(Telecom Italia), are expanding their customer offerings powered by Fortinet Secure SD-WAN, continuing Fortinet’s momentum with an existing and expanding list of service providers (SPs) and managed security service providers (MSSPs).

Service Providers Select Fortinet’s Organically Developed Secure SD-WAN Solution

Service providers and MSSPs are creating new SD-WAN managed services powered by Fortinet to meet the demands and needs of their customers wanting to deploy SD-WAN. Fortinet Secure SD-WAN helps SPs and MSSPs differentiate their managed services by significantly improving user experience, simplifying operations and achieving a return on investment by consolidating networking and security in one.

John Maddison, EVP of Products and CMO at Fortinet said, “Our partnerships with global service providers complement Fortinet’s commitment to providing the most secure and holistic approach to SD-WAN. With these partnerships, Fortinet’s Secure SD-WAN solution will be extended geographically around the world as service providers are able to grow their business and revenue margins with the creation of managed SD-WAN and security services powered by one single solution.”

Other reasons that a growing number of SPs and MSSPs have selected Fortinet to power their SD-WAN services include:

Accelerated Network and Security Convergence: Fortinet's unique security-driven networking approach provides the most comprehensive Secure SD-WAN solution that address various use cases from WAN Edge to the Cloud Edge. Fortinet has emerged as a leader in SD-WAN with organically developed routing, SD-WAN, and security powered by one OS. This unique capability enables the accelerated convergence of network and security powered by the industry only purpose-built SD-WAN ASIC, while enabling consistent security posture across all edges, as well as a simplified architecture and future-proof transition to SASE and SD-Branch.

Ability to Deliver Value-Added Services Beyond Connectivity: Providers require services that are quickly and easily deployed and scale easily to large customer bases to drive business agility. Fortinet Secure SD-WAN provides a platform for SPs and MSSPs to deliver added value continuously with managed SD-WAN and security services. Service Providers have been leveraging extensively Fortinet’s centralized management to deliver managed SD-WAN, SD-Branch and security services.

Flexible Consumption: MSPs and MSSPs have a broad spectrum of customers with different needs and of different sizes, requiring flexible offerings. Fortinet’s SD-WAN solution can be consumed in different form factors, including physical appliances powered by Fortinet’s purpose-built ASIC with many variants from built-LTE, built-in wireless, built-in POE or virtual form factor. Fortinet’s solution is also available in all major public cloud offerings with BYOL or PAYG options.

Supporting Quotes

“CommandLink is proud to design, deploy, and support Fortinet Secure SD WAN solutions for multi-location clients and our team has had over a decade of experience in leveraging Fortinet for active/active secure network designs long before SD WAN was an industry buzzword. Our Engineering Team has the highest level of trust and confidence in Fortinet’s ability to enhance our customers’ security fabric while ensuring maximum application performance and extending a 100% network uptime SLA for every location.”

– Mason Miles, SVP Sales for CommandLink

“As a leading Fortinet MSSP provider in Finland, DNA has established itself as the leading Secure SD-WAN service provider in the Nordics. Powered by Fortinet Secure SD-WAN, DNA’s secure network service solution extends beyond conventional SD-WAN by including both WAN and LAN edge. This SD-Branch state of the service together with providing secure access for remote users has further allowed our end customers to benefit from the integrated security, efficiency and network responsiveness requirements set by modern operating environment. We are proud to be leading the operator movement towards the next level of secure corporate networks. Together with Fortinet, we strive to provide the best value for corporate customers seeking to secure networks.”

-Tuukka Toivonen, Vice President, Business Management & Strategy, Corporate Business at DNA

“Partnering with Fortinet gives our customers yet another custom SD-WAN offering. By combining our portfolio of global managed services such as Voice, Internet, Redundant Connectivity, and IT Security with Fortinet’s Secure SD-WAN, we offer a fully integrated solution to our expansive network of customers. Together, we are able to help our customers achieve their business goals while providing unparalleled customer service.”

– Larry Price, VP Marketing & Sales, Syringa Networks

“TIM Group looks to the future of networking by investing in new technologies and services. We believe that Cloud, IoT and hybrid working brought corporate networking at the edge of a huge transformation opportunity, where the role of connectivity is crucial to guarantee application performances, security and agility by SDN paradigm. Our SD-WAN offering portfolio, now enriched with Fortinet solutions, provides administrators with greater visibility into network performance in order to detect risks in real-time, as well as the flexibility and the security needed to connect users to business applications.”

-Antonio Morabito, Head of Marketing, Enterprise Market at TIM

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