Red Hat OpenShift Platform Plus Debuts

April 28, 2021

Red Hat OpenShift Platform Plus is a new edition of the industry’s leading enterprise Kubernetes platform designed to provide a holistic solution to help customers adopt DevSecOps across the entirety of the hybrid cloud. Offering a complete Kubernetes stack out of the box, Red Hat OpenShift Platform Plus brings together everything needed to build, deploy and run nearly any application wherever OpenShift runs.

Ashesh Badani, senior vice president, Cloud Platforms, Red Hat said, "As Kubernetes and container use in production scale, we need the tools and strategies that manage and secure these deployments to grow and evolve as well. Red Hat OpenShift Platform Plus further extends the already robust capabilities of OpenShift to provide the greater security, oversight and governance that organizations need to more securely build, run and manage applications consistently at scale across the hybrid cloud and the modern application lifecycle."

Kubernetes is one of the fastest growing open source projects but requires additional components like management and enhanced security to truly match enterprise needs. Red Hat OpenShift is Kubernetes for the enterprise, trusted by organizations across industries and the globe. Three editions of Red Hat OpenShift give customers the option to start with the right level of capabilities for them.

Red Hat OpenShift Kubernetes Engine is the foundational edition of Red Hat OpenShift, delivering enterprise Kubernetes on a foundation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux CoreOS to run containers more securely across the hybrid cloud. Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform adds a full set of developer and operations services and advanced features for application development and modernization.

Red Hat OpenShift Platform Plus builds on the capabilities of OpenShift Container Platform, taking it a step further by providing a solution that includes advanced security features, Day 2 management capabilities and a global container registry. With Red Hat OpenShift Platform Plus, organizations can more consistently implement security features and manage applications wherever they live in the open hybrid cloud and at any point in the software lifecycle.

Powerful Kubernetes-native security capabilities
Red Hat OpenShift Platform Plus introduces Red Hat Advanced Cluster Security for Kubernetes. Developed from the StackRox technology, Red Hat Advanced Cluster Security for Kubernetes provides built-in Kubernetes-native security to enhance the security of infrastructure and workloads throughout the entire application lifecycle.

Red Hat Advanced Cluster Security for Kubernetes transforms how cloud-native workloads are secured by expanding and refining Kubernetes’ native controls to extend beyond the platform itself. Users need to be able to monitor running workloads for security issues or threats. Red Hat Advanced Cluster Security for Kubernetes provides deep system-level data collection and analysis as well as more than 60 security policies out-of-the-box that can be applied and enforced from the time that apps are built to when they are deployed and running.

Additionally, Red Hat OpenShift Platform Plus helps organizations "shift left" by applying a DevSecOps approach to security by integrating declarative security into developer tooling and workflows. This brings enhanced security to the software stack and throughout the life of a cloud-native application, from the build and CI/CD phase to production.

Designed to be secure by default
Red Hat OpenShift already has a broad set of capabilities that provide built-in security features for every Kubernetes cluster, and is built on the security focus at the foundation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. However, organizations often have specific security and compliance requirements they must meet that can vary by industry or by individual applications. Red Hat OpenShift Platform Plus is designed to address all major security needs for nearly any application, delivering greater assurance by extending security and compliance with tools, capabilities and policies as the default standard out of the box.

OpenShift Platform Plus provides multiple layers of security features, manageability and automation that work across infrastructures to drive greater consistency throughout the software supply chain and running workloads. By including Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes, Red Hat OpenShift Platform Plus enables users to apply consistent operational policies for security, configuration, compliance and governance to multi-cluster Kubernetes environments that span on-premises and cloud infrastructures.

With the addition of Red Hat Quay, Red Hat OpenShift Platform Plus provides a global container registry with strong security capabilities for a consistent, validated build pipeline that spans infrastructures.


Red Hat Advanced Cluster Security for Kubernetes is available immediately. Red Hat OpenShift Platform Plus is slated to be available in Q2 2021.

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