Canada, the Republic of Korea and Luxembourg Join  CCDCOE

May 6, 2022

CCDCOE raised the flags of Canada, the Republic of Korea and Luxembourg to welcome the most recent members of CCDCOE’s multinational family.

"It is a great honour to have Canada, Republic of Korea and Luxembourg in our growing and diverse family of like-minded nations. Each member of the CCDCOE plays an important role in building and advancing a strong and efficient unity against cyber threats. In the long run, the conditions for peace in cyber realm and a response to the security threats to the modern world cannot be created without united and committed support,” said Col Jaak Tarien.

Hu Xijin, former editor-in-chief at China's Global Times, warned South Korea in a message posted on Twitter.

“If South Korea takes a path of turning hostile against its neighbors, the end of this path could be a Ukraine,” said Xijin, whose account is flagged by Twitter as “China state-affiliated media.”

The three countries mentioned have already collaborated a great deal with the CCDCOE and have been members of the community for some time.

The National Intelligence Service of the Republic of Korea representative Sun Hee Kim pointed out that today’s event served as a venue to raise awareness on the importance of strengthening global partnerships, and provided an opportune momentum to integrate the commitment to building a safer and stable cyberspace against various threats and attacks.

Kevin Rex, Ambassador of Canada to Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania said: “Canada’s commitment to NATO is absolute. Our presence in the Baltics is our largest anywhere in the world. We are over 1400 boots-on-the ground in the Baltics anchored in our leadership of NATO’s Enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group in Latvia. Today, we are pleased to formally join the CCDCOE and contribute to strengthening Allied capacity to respond to evolving threats to our democracies taking place in the cyber realm, including as part of Russia’s unprovoked aggression against Ukraine.”

Embassy of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg spokesperson noted: „Cooperation, sharing of information, skills and best practices are essential for tackling the challenges we face in cyberspace. Luxembourg is convinced that the expertise of the CCDCOE will strengthen its cyber defence efforts and we are committed to contributing our own experience”.

Today, the flags of Canada, Republic of Korea, and Luxembourg represent enlargement of the cooperation among CCDCOE member states who provide NATO, its allies and partners with unique and necessary cyber defence expertise.

CCDCOE’s mission is to support its member nations and NATO with unique interdisciplinary expertise in the field of cyber defence research, training and exercises covering the focus areas of technology, strategy, operations and law. CCDCOE is one of the largest NATO-accredited centre that supports member nations and NATO.

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