Kaseya Paid No Ransom for Decryptor

By Kaseya Team

July 29, 2021

Throughout this past weekend, Kaseya’s Incident Response team and Emsisoft partners continued their work assisting our customers and others with restoration of their encrypted data. We continue to provide the decryptor to customers that request it, and we encourage all our customers whose data may have been encrypted during the attack to reach out to your contacts at Kaseya. The decryption tool has proven 100% effective at decrypting files that were fully encrypted in the attack.

Kaseya has maintained our focus on assisting our customers, and when Kaseya obtained the decryptor last week we moved as quickly as possible to safely use the decryptor to help our customers recover their encrypted data.

Recent reports have suggested that our continued silence on whether Kaseya paid the ransom may encourage additional ransomware attacks, but nothing could be further from our goal. While each company must make its own decision on whether to pay the ransom, Kaseya decided after consultation with experts to not negotiate with the criminals who perpetrated this attack and we have not wavered from that commitment. As such, we are confirming in no uncertain terms that Kaseya did not pay a ransom – either directly or indirectly through a third party – to obtain the decryptor.

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