New Relic Touts New Error Tracking Capabilities

January 16, 2023

New Relic introduced new error tracking capabilities to help engineering teams proactively detect, triage, and take action on all errors across the full software stack before customers are impacted. These new capabilities expand the company’s integrated, industry-leading errors inbox solution to include a new user impact view, access to correlation data across traces and logs, and an enhanced integration with Slack.

Legacy error tracking solutions often fail to detect smaller errors which end up impacting the customer experience. By expanding its error tracking capabilities, New Relic is helping engineering teams detect all errors, even those that often fall through the cracks, to minimize engineering toil and improve customer experience. New Relic is the only observability platform to provide a single place to view, triage, and resolve all errors across the full application stack—including APM, RUM, mobile and serverless data.

“As applications grow more complex, engineers need a system in place to proactively triage and fix errors before the customer experience is impacted,” said New Relic Observability Product GM & Chief Growth Officer Manav Khurana. “New Relic error tracking gives web, mobile, and back-end engineers a single place to prioritize and resolve issues faster whenever a critical, customer-impacting error arises. Because error tracking is part of our all-in-one observability platform, we are able to automatically display relevant traces and logs in context of an error, helping engineers debug errors faster."

Enhancements to error tracking include:

User impact view: At a glance, see and sort errors grouped by unique users impacted over time. It is not enough for engineers to see how many errors are happening, having context into how many users are getting a particular error helps teams prioritize the errors that have the highest impact to the business.

Correlation across traces and logs: Get to the root cause across the full stack by using stack traces, distributed tracing, and logs all in a single view. There is no more need to jump between different screens, changing context to debug complex errors that span multiple services.

Slack integration: New and resurfaced errors are sent instantly to teams in Slack, eliminating the need for teams to toggle between multiple platforms to detect and triage errors. This enables teams to quickly identify any new errors or regressions and resolve them quickly before customers are impacted.

In the last 12 months, engineering teams have used New Relic error tracking to identify and manage more than 1 million errors. New Relic is the only tool to allow engineers to intelligently group and display errors by user and error impact, with context, on a single screen, to enable teams to get ahead of issues and ship code faster.

"At Beyond Finance, our mission is simple: we want to help individuals move beyond debt. A critical part of ensuring that happens is being able to monitor the health of our applications," said Ashley Zagorski, Software Engineer at Beyond Finance. "We use error tracking to detect, triage, and resolve full-stack errors—all in one place. With Error Tracking as the source of truth, my engineering team can better collaborate to understand, troubleshoot, and ultimately resolve errors faster, creating better customer experiences and freeing up more time for innovation."

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