Creatio 8.0.6 Speeds Up Building Of No Code Apps with Composable Architecture

December 14, 2022

Creatio introduced a major platform release. The new 8.0.6. version of Creatio's platform includes updated composable architecture that enables organizations to create apps faster than ever before. It also offers an updated Freedom UI and intelligent AI-driven recommendations engine for workflow design and automation.

Composable architecture

Сreatio 8.0.6 offers a composable architecture that empowers organizations to accelerate the application design process and maximize the re-usability of ready-to-use components. Creatio's platform delivers a library of composable elements that no-code creators can use to assemble functionality blocks, applications, and full-scale products with no-code. The composable no-code architecture brings agility to a new level. Since all the components are pluggable, replaceable, and reusable, the significant amount of configuration, customization, and development work are now replaced by the process of assembling your applications with available blocks and components. No-code creators have the tools needed to turn any newly developed functionality into composable elements that can be reused in the future.

Freedom UI

As a part of the new architecture, the recent update features a revamped UI and UX for desktop and mobile versions of the platform. The update provides users with an engaging experience and a high level of personalization. The Freedom UI encompasses the latest UI/UX best practices to streamline the application design process and user adoption. The upgrade offers new tools to boost user productivity. The updated Freedom UI Designer contains a comprehensive library of predefined views, widgets, and templates to build beautiful applications at speed and scale.

AI-assisted workflow automation

Creatio's process management designer has now been extended with an AI-assisted development functionality. The new AI-driven capabilities provide the no-code creator with guidance and recommendations on how to design and automate workflows to maximize their impact on business outcomes. The engine uses historical data as well as in-built best practices to provide intelligent recommendations. The AI-assisted workflow automation capabilities are focused on boosting the productivity and efficiency of the end-users while increasing the speed of the workflow design.

With a composable architecture, cutting-edge Freedom UI, and AI-assisted workflow automation, Creatio 8.0.6 gives companies more freedom to own their automation.

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