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July 28, 2022

RapidAPI Studio provides developers with a single, connected experience to build, consume, manage & monetize their APIs. With RapidAPI Studio, the entire workflow is consolidated into one simplified user experience, enabling developers to seamlessly move between API design and development, testing, and management without losing context. By creating this integration across the entire development lifecycle, developers can improve the quality of their APIs and simplify collaboration on API projects. The new RapidAPI Studio is available online, as a desktop app, as a Mac Native application and as a VS Code extension - meaning developers can work anywhere. API Projects sync through the cloud to enable a seamless transition between platforms and team sharing.

“APIs are the foundation of digital transformation efforts. The demand to build, consume and manage these APIs across the developer workflow has never been higher. And despite a myriad of tools available, the end-to-end experience for developers is fragmented and challenging,” said Wade Wegner, SVP and Head of Product at RapidAPI. “RapidAPI Studio gives developers the freedom to work on their terms, in their tools, and with their colleagues wherever they are at every stage of the API development lifecycle.”

RapidAPI Studio Addresses Key Developer Challenges

Today developers face a multitude of challenges in how they develop, collaborate on, and work with APIs. These challenges stem from fractured development tools and workflows across the API development lifecycle and a centralized place for all their APIs.

With RapidAPI Studio, developers use the same simplified workflow for every step of their API journey, enabling organizations to:

Bring Products to Market Faster: Leverage an easy-to-use and intuitive user interface that consolidates workflows across the API development lifecycle.

Accelerate Innovation: Enable development teams to choose their own tools, combining the benefits of RapidAPI with their preferred coding environment.

Improve Development Effectiveness and Efficiency: Connect the developers through collaboration to reduce redundant efforts, and encourage productive problem solving across the entire API development lifecycle.

Create Thriving API Ecosystem: Centralize tools and services for internal and external collaboration to build, discover, collaborate on, and monetize APIs.

Available Everywhere: Desktop, Web, and VS Code

Developers want to work in their preferred experience. RapidAPI Studio is available in browser, native apps, and in the code editor that the Stack Overflow 2022 survey indicated is used by 70 percent of all developers – VS Code. The VS Code extension from RapidAPI brings its requests and testing capabilities directly into VS Code, so developers can access all of its benefits in their preferred developer environment.

This extension establishes a bidirectional sync between RapidAPI and VS code so that the updates and changes a developer makes in any of RapidAPI’s tools are instantly updated and reflected in the other, increasing productivity when moving between tools and sharing with colleagues.

Pricing and Availability

RapidAPI Studio is currently in beta and available for free for individual users and for organizations using the enterprise version of RapidAPI Enterprise Hub.

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