Copado Robotic Testing Solution Supports SAP And ServiceNow

June 15, 2022

Copado has expanded Copado Robotic Testing to fully support continuous testing across SAP and ServiceNow platforms. Today, customer experiences often start with CRM applications like Salesforce then spread across multiple back-office platforms like SAP and ServiceNow to fulfill customer shipping, inventory, billing and supply chain requirements. Copado now supports end-to-end testing across multiple cloud platforms to ensure quality digital experiences.

Customer experience is the number one priority for CEOs and CIOs and companies aren't building their customer experience on just one platform. It's an integrated process across several applications and systems. Research shows that companies now use an average of 976 applications and integrated digital experiences can span across 10 or more SaaS application platforms. These integrations are a major challenge for low-code development teams as they must develop and operate across multiple platforms. Copado's fully multi-cloud solution delivers continuous quality across integrated digital experiences with the ability to test across any web application, including mobile apps.

Testing is critical to successful digital transformation projects, as release quality is a leading driver of risk and cost within the software development life cycle. Historically, each SaaS application must be tested individually but the rise of integrated processes creates additional cost and complexity including more skilled professionals and cross-platform dependencies and sophisticated architectures that must be maintained and tested every time anything is updated or changed.

Copado Robotic Testing offers a modern, cloud-based architecture enabling quality assurance teams to test any end-to-end business process. Using a low-code approach coupled with pro-code extensibility, Copado Robotic Testing is employed by users with any skillset to create and execute automated tests with minimal training. Non-technical users can easily create tests via the Visual Recorder or Flow Editor, reducing test maintenance. Intelligent AI-powered self-healing adds resilience as test environments often change. Copado Robotic Testing can be integrated with the most popular development and management tools on the market to maximize the software delivery lifecycle.

"After working with thousands of enterprise customers, we saw our customers struggling with manual testing, test maintenance and the difficulty of using legacy solutions overall," said Esko Hannula, Vice President of Testing Products at Copado. "That's why we built Copado Robotic Testing in the cloud, with AI technology, and native integration with Copado CI/CD. Not only are we doubling down on test automation for SAP and ServiceNow, but we are also evolving Copado's QA and testing product portfolio with important capabilities around test management, reporting, analytics, documentation and learning features."

SAP remains mission-critical for more than 400,000 organizations around the globe, of which around 20% are large enterprises going through major transformation events and migrations from legacy ERP systems. S/4HANA transformation programs are multi-year initiatives, and by definition introduce considerable risks as they require consistent documentation, training and testing. Copado Robotic Testing for SAP provides an end-to-end solution to enable customers to accelerate the delivery of SAP programs with minimized risk and less effort.

Based on Copado's acquisition of Qualibrate, an internationally recognized and trusted SAP Silver Partner with over 13 years of expertise, Copado Robotic Testing now includes all of the no-code capabilities of Qualibrate in its SAP offering. Copado Robotic Testing for SAP provides enterprise customers a single synchronized 3-in-1 source for automating business process documentation, testing, and training materials.

ServiceNow is a growing ecosystem that over 7,400 global customers have invested in to accelerate digital transformation projects by delivering customer, employee and technology experiences through digital workflows. With the demand to keep up with custom deployments and platform upgrades, testing still remains the bottleneck to not only test the customizations of ServiceNow, but all the integrations and applications that are included in an integrated ServiceNow digital experience. Copado Robotic Testing provides customers a low-code approach to testing these business-critical, end-to-end digital experiences.

"The low-code approach enables users to onboard quickly and then use it in their daily test creation," said Jan Toebak, application delivery manager for Nouryon. "You have the ability to reduce all of the recorded transactions so that you can build your own consolidated end-to-end process. It brings a really big benefit in terms of keeping your system stabilized. In the end, you have fewer disruptions for the business."

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