AxleHire Expands into Washington D.C. and Baltimore

May 4, 2022

AxleHire has expanded into the Washington D.C. and Baltimore markets today, providing last mile delivery services to three of the five most populated East Coast cities. The company’s tech-enabled, last mile delivery service enables customers like Deliverr and American Eagle to enjoy a 98.5% on-time delivery (OTD) rate while also providing their customers with a superior delivery experience.

AxleHire utilizes its tech-enabled platform and the gig economy to deliver a reliable, high-quality customer experience at a great value. The Company places its sortation centers and delivery hubs in nearby major metropolitan cities and leverages its own routing algorithms to optimize delivery routes to create greater density that saves time, miles, fuel and ultimately CO2 emissions.

“The transportation corridor between Washington D.C. and Baltimore is one of the most important logistics markets in the country and we’re happy to provide our roster of customers the ability to ship into these two populous cities,” said AxleHire CEO Adam Bryant. “By placing ourselves in more major locations throughout the country, we’re able to give our customers new options for high quality same/next day deliveries.”

In addition to Washington D.C. and Maryland, AxleHire currently operates and has sortation centers in sixteen of the twenty-five major U.S. metro areas.

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