Juniper Networks, NEC Win Raízen Wi-Fi Deal

March 21, 2022

Juniper Networks and NEC have been selected by Raízen, a global leader in bio-energy solutions, to design and deploy an innovative new Wi-Fi network for its headquarters in São Paulo and offices in Piracicaba, Brazil. In a competitive bid that ousted the legacy provider, the Juniper Mist AI™ solution was chosen to revolutionize the online experience for Raízen’s workforce across its main campus. This Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps) approach to Wi-Fi provisioning is also expected to dramatically streamline the IT helpdesk function for Raízen, which is one of Brazil’s largest private business groups.

The Juniper solution has quickly become Raízen’s standard Wi-Fi platform, completely replacing the incumbent solution. (Juniper Networks was named a Leader in the 2021 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Enterprise Wired and Wireless LAN Infrastructure.) With the consultancy and implementation services provided by Juniper’s key global partner NEC, the new platform provides automated and real-time data insights into exactly what Raízen’s users, devices and sites are experiencing on the network. In addition, by using actionable data from individual users, Mist AI provides tailored feedback and proactive support, as well as correlated, AI-driven insights into the network’s overall ongoing health and performance.

The Mist AI solution features enterprise networking’s first virtual network assistant that provides a conversational AI interface, known as Marvis. This unique feature enables Raízen’s IT team to interact with an automated, intelligent tool that understands user intent and delivers improved value and quality of returned results. Marvis can contextualize requests to accelerate troubleshooting workflows, answer product or feature specific questions, provide information about the network and help find any type of network device. Ultimately, this improves specific user experiences by learning from user feedback.

José Eduardo Massad, CIO, Raízen said, “Wi-Fi should be about convenient, agile and scalable network connectivity that consistently enables employees to be more productive and creative. However, our previous, non-AI solution was delivering exactly the opposite. The Mist AI solution from Juniper is infinitely more reliable to use and simple to operate, intelligently able to detect potential problems, flag them and fix them before our workforce even sees an issue. This approach has transformed our IT operations and support, with remarkable user experiences to show for it.”

Sujai Hajela, Executive Vice President, AI-Driven Enterprise, Juniper Networks added, “Juniper is delivering experience-first networking to Raízen and thousands of other enterprises, built on technology that has been designed to leverage the operational and user benefits of the cloud and AI. Fundamentally, this approach transforms network operations from reactive troubleshooting to proactive remediation through self-driving actions, which in turn creates a superior user experience.”

Mayuko Tatewaki, General Manager, Service Provider Solutions Division, NEC concluded, “NEC is honored to contribute as a key business partner to the transformation of Raízen’s network with Juniper’s AI-driven technologies. We are constantly enhancing our network engineering capabilities and strengthening partnerships with industry leaders such as Juniper to deliver state-of-the-art solutions that bring significant value to customers. Based on our rich experiences in Brazil and other markets globally, we take a customer-centric approach aimed at achieving business objectives for the long term.”

News Highlights

Raízen is anticipating a 75 percent reduction in its Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) network performance, thanks to Mist AI’s ability to provide real-time visibility and apply automated trouble-shooting.

In a pre-sales proof-of-concept session, Marvis detected and remediated a major Power over Ethernet problem on a third-party switch in Raízen’s network, taking just two minutes to find, identify and resolve the issue successfully.
The proactive approach to trouble-shooting and network support delivered by Mist AI and Marvis enables Raízen’s relatively small IT team to scale and utilize time and budget resources in an optimized way.

NEC’s integration and services support, underpinned by its expertise in networks including Juniper solutions, results in a smooth migration and deployment of the new platform.

The Mist AI solution is transforming Raízen’s productivity and job satisfaction by providing its workforce with consistently-available network connectivity in support of key business applications including voice and video over Teams, SAP, Office 365 and intranet access.

Raízen is assessing further projects based on the capabilities of the Juniper Mist cloud, including Wired Assurance, warehouses becoming Wi-Fi enabled and newly-acquired companies making the move to the Juniper solution.

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