HAI ROBOTICS Touts HAIPORT Workstation Uptake

December 16, 2021

HAI ROBOTICS, a leader in Autonomous Case-handling Robotics (ACR) system for warehouse fulfillment, marked a milestone for its solution of HAIPORT-powered Workstation -- with over 100 sets in operation globally since the product was launched one year ago. The solution has enormously improved order fulfillment efficiency for its customers who were pressured to update their warehousing facilities with higher throughput capacity.

HAIPORT is an automatic loading and unloading machine that can be docked with HAI ROBOTICS’ autonomous case-handling robots and conveyor workstations.

At a HAIPORT-powered Workstation, multiple loads of totes or cartons are unloaded from the HAIPICK robots at the HAIPORT loader, then transferred onto the conveyor belts for sorting per system orders and moved to the HAIPORT unloader, where they were fetched by robots for the next round of order processing.

The collaboration between HAIPICK robots, HAIPORT, and conveyor belt allows one-stop case-handling from in-bounds to out-bounds. The solution boasts obvious advantages by increasing the throughput of a warehouse.

With case loading and unloading being processed simultaneously at the two sides of a HAIPORT, a single workstation can be expected to handle up to 900 cases per hour, far exceeding that of manual handling. The speed is 16 times faster than the robot-to-conveyor belt transport.

The speed - four to eight cases being loaded in 3 seconds and unloaded in 5s - promises higher case-handling capacity. A single robot’s efficiency can be improved by 30% compared with manual loading/unloading.

Designed to realize direct interaction between HAIPICK robot and conveyor belt, HAIPORT-powered workstation guarantees higher loading and unloading speeds with least human intervention, increasing manual picking efficiency up to 3 times. The use of the workstation can free warehouse staff from tedious manual labor so that they can focus on more important tasks.

Armed with HAI ROBOTICS’ software platform as well as the multi-sensor technology that can monitor a robot’s movement, the workstation can accurately judge if a particular case of goods should be delivered to a workstation or not. Its modular design also grants scalability and flexibility when automating a warehouse. It can be customized and adapted for different uses based on the customer’s requirements. As a result, 30% fewer robots are required if a HAIPORT-powered Workstation is deployed in a warehouse.

HAIPORT-powered workstation has been certified by CE and ETL in compliance with the safety standards for Europe and US markets, respectively. The certifications also evidence that HAI ROBOTICS has been implementing stringent quality control for its products along its own supply chain, in product design and production.

Jeff Zheng, R&D Director at HAI ROBOTICS, said, “HAIPORT-powered Workstation offers an innovative solution for warehousing automation and provides a new way of human-machine interaction. It helps not only increase operational efficiency, but also reduce costs and deliver better ROI. We’re committed to delivering more value to our customers and making their investments worthwhile.”

Thanks to its flexibility, HAIPORT-powered Workstation is suitable for extensive storage scenarios in which medium and small-sized cases are used, such as raw materials, small electronics, apparels, medicine, retails and 3PL industries that have large number of SKUs and demand high order fulfillment efficiency in peak hours with surging e-commerce demands.

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