Made4net Wins Wilbur-Ellis WMS Deal

September 23, 2021

Wilbur-Ellis, a leading international manufacturer and distributor of agricultural products, animal nutrients and specialty chemicals, selected Made4net WMS to manage its logistics enterprise across 80 distribution sites in the U.S. Wilbur-Ellis chose the Made4net solution to manage its Agribusiness distribution processes, including inventory management and distribution optimization for real-time visibility and control throughout its supply chain.

Wilbur-Ellis Agribusiness operates a network of ten master distribution centers, which feed 160 fulfillment centers. The company sought a solution that would provide real-time inventory visibility and control across their network, in addition to providing operational efficiencies and accountability for improved productivity. Wilbur-Ellis chose Made4net for the configurable warehouse management system, which scales to manage the volume and complexities of the master distribution centers, and to also manage smaller, retail distribution sites. The company plans to deploy WarehouseExpert at 80+ sites. The versatility of the Made4net platform will enable the company to seamlessly add on potential future supply chain capabilities, including transportation management and proof of delivery.

“For a long time, we have been running our supply chain network with our ERP,” said Wilbur-Ellis Vice President of Operations, Bill Cornmesser. “We outgrew the distribution capabilities in the ERP and recognized the need for a solution specifically designed to manage inventory and related supply chain processes. Gartner gave us Made4net along with a short list of vendors, and we ultimately chose Made4net for their history of scaling the WMS solution to meet the requirements of smaller warehouses, as well as larger, more complex ones. That flexible solution should allow us to continually expand our capabilities as we strive to enhance customer service and drive more efficiency in our industry.”

“Wilbur-Ellis’ supply chain challenges are very similar to many companies we are talking to lately – people who are looking for the ability to control their destiny with a configurable supply chain solution,” said Duff Davidson, Made4net CEO. “Supply chains are fluid, and your systems need to be quick and agile. Operations and IT leadership are recognizing the benefits of modular and configurable supply chain solutions like ours that are adaptable and scalable.”

In addition to inventory visibility and control, WarehouseExpert will provide Wilbur-Ellis with analytics and insights to determine the most efficient placement of products within the distribution network, as well as comprehensive control of goods, including product rotation, FIFO and prioritization.

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