LogiNext Launches Transportation Automation Platform

July 21, 2021

LogiNext launched MILE that is America’s first integrated last mile delivery platform. A monumental occasion in the field of logistics technology, this is the first time a cloud-based SaaS software has brought together various elements in the shipper, carrier, and dispatcher ecosystem to deliver a Transportation Management System 2.0 which LogiNext calls a Transportation Automation Platform.

Legacy on-premise software has existed for the logistics industry and there are offerings for different modules but this is the first time when all elements of delivery management are being brought together under one SaaS offering- LogiNext MILE. An integrated last mile delivery platform is an interconnected ecosystem of web applications and mobile apps for operation managers, CSCOs, delivery partners, and end customers to ensure a seamless last-mile delivery experience.

“On demand delivery has skyrocketed in the past two years with a major shift in consumer behavior owing to the pandemic. Same day delivery is the norm and consumers now expect deliveries in a preferred time window with real time delivery communication. To ensure brands can deliver up to the promise, we’ve launched LogiNext MILE to helps our clients in various industries provide a world-class delivery experience to the end user,” says Dhruvil Sanghvi, Chief Executive Officer of LogiNext.

How it works is that a brand like McDonald’s, UPS, or Walmart can use the LogiNext MILE portal to collect all orders (via their own app, third-party aggregators, etc.), and then the AI-powered route planner generates trips for drivers on their LogiNext driver’s app. Alongside, a sleek and branded communication reaches the end consumer who has ordered the product, and the entire delivery experience is digitally recorded to give insightful data and analytics which ensures delivery compliance.

Enterprises in various industries- CEP (Courier, Express, and Parcel), QSR Chains, eCommerce & Retail, and Transportation are using LogiNext MILE to reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, and deliver a brilliant customer experience. “We’ve built a plug and play product which enterprises are using to go live instantly to automate delivery management, be it a B2B or B2C play. Brands are seeing delivery efficiency shoot up 20% within a few months and this helps tremendously in increasing revenues and stay ahead in the curve of digital transformation that the world of logistics is going through,” says Dinesh Dixit, VP of Client Excellence, LogiNext.

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