Altova Version 2022 of MissionKit GA

November 2, 2021

Altova released Version 2022 of its MissionKit desktop developer tools and server software. This new version includes support for the promising new OIM XBRL standard in multiple products as well as other XBRL related enhancements.

Though XBRL provides an efficient, standards-based representation of business report data, such data is often originally generated, stored, and/or consumed in other formats. With that in mind, XBRL International has created a new standard called the OIM (Open Information Model), which provides a model for easily transforming XBRL data between XML and other popular formats including CSV and JSON.

This effort to simplify working with XBRL data allows organizations to take advantage of all the functionality of XBRL and at the same time have XBRL documents written in the format(s) most convenient for them.

Altova's XBRL-enabled software is some of the very first in the industry to support this promising new standard. Details include:

XMLSpy offers complete XBRL and XBRL taxonomy development tools as well as full support for OIM with validation of XBRL reports in XML, JSON, and CSV, as well as one-click conversion between those formats.

RaptorXML Server supports high volume validation of OIM XML, CSV, and/or JSON files as well as automated generation of the different OIM output formats.

Altova EBA XBRL Add-in for Excel, supports OIM and gives customers the option of exporting reports built in Excel directly to EBA-conformant XBRL-CSV.

This release also includes some additional XBRL focused features such as a new option in XMLSpy to preload standard Formula and/or Table schemas, as well as the ability to configure XBRL validation message limits and traces.

These and many additional features are available in Version 2022.

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