DevOps Value Stream Delivery for SAFe Debuts

October 4, 2021 introduced at the 2021 Global SAFe Summit, the first and only solution with Enterprise Agile Planning, DevOps and AI-driven analytics all seamlessly integrated end-to-end and optimized for SAFe.

More than 20,000 leading enterprises have implemented SAFe and other scaling frameworks to improve productivity, gain visibility across agile teams and the portfolio, and ensure that products and services provided to customers deliver value.

However, these organizations often struggle to achieve these benefits due to several reasons:

Misaligned goals results in inconsistent team direction and prioritization

No end-to-end connectivity and visibility leads to siloed teams and disconnected processes

Inability to make data-driven decisions due to limited access to data and analytics

Disconnected business and execution leads to time spent on work that does not deliver value

By combining industry-leading enterprise agile planning and DevOps solutions with next-generation AI-driven analytics and metrics, the DevOps Value Stream Delivery for SAFe solution enables organizations to scale agile practices, connect the entire end-to-end process from idea to production, and gain the insights needed to make data-driven decisions that drive continuous improvement.

“By focusing on value streams, which are the cornerstone of SAFe, our solution lets companies accelerate the delivery of business value from its software investments while increasing operational efficiency and reducing costs and risks,” said Richard Knaster, Chief Scientist at and SAFe Fellow. “Through our SAFe support, organizations are able to deliver the features customers need, faster and more reliably.” DevOps Value Stream Delivery for SAFe enables organizations to solve critical challenges and deliver on their SAFe business goals. This solution simplifies the adoption of scalable agile practices and provides capabilities needed to:

Simplify SAFe adoption through unrivaled out-of-the-box support and metrics

Scale agile practices from teams to the portfolio using a single integrated solution, increasing visibility and collaboration

Improve business decisions using next-generation AI-driven analytics with SAFe and DORA metrics

Connect end to end and gain visibility of features, epics, and stories across the release pipeline

Increase delivery speed and reliability by automating and orchestrating manual processes

These capabilities provided by’s end-to-end SAFe solution allow organizations to achieve more from their SAFe initiatives to increase the business value provided to customers, improve software delivery efficiency, and make better decisions and improve visibility across the organization.

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