Testim Pro Offers Startup Deal

September 28, 2021

Testim is now offering Professional plan features free to Startups with fewer than 20 employees. Thousands of organizations already use Testim to test their web application for free as part of the Testim Community plan. Now qualifying startups can upgrade for free to receive Professional plan features including: Accessibility testing, TestOps, network mocking, API testing, and much more.

Testim Automate was founded on two core principles: fast authoring and AI-powered stability. Fast authoring helps agile teams build test coverage and keep up with rapid releases. Testim's AI-powered smart locators lock in visual elements and keep tests resilient, even when elements are changing. Testim has recently added TestOps features like pull requests, test status, owners, folders, and insights to help teams grow their test automation projects and teams more efficiently.

Growing startups, especially those in software-driven businesses, are shipping new releases weekly, daily, or even faster. Manually testing their rapidly changing applications for regressions can put the brakes on innovation. Yet, creating automated tests using coded open-source frameworks takes too long and requires updates every time your application changes. Now with the free Startup plan, small companies can finally access the full benefits of test automation as they grow their application and business.

The Professional plan includes advanced features like a scheduler, TestOps dashboard, email validation, pull requests, and test lifecycle status that are critical to integrating with your CI/CD pipelines and scaling your quality in your application.

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