Narmi Analytics GA

September 20, 2021

Powered by Sisense, Narmi Analytics is designed to give banks and credit unions the business intelligence they need to unlock the full power of their data, keep up with evolving consumer expectations, and discover opportunities for growth.

Banks and credit unions are flush with sources of proprietary data but many of their current reporting tools are either too limited in the scope of insights they can surface, or require a large data science team to maintain.

Through interactive visual dashboards and custom reports, Narmi Analytics aims to make business intelligence accessible to all departments across the institution. With no-code drag & drop widgets and visual-based modeling, Narmi Analytics breaks down data silos and makes data analysis approachable.

“Throughout our research and development of Narmi Analytics, we discovered that the universal pain points over data analysis was lack of control and how manual it is to extract insights,” said Chris Griffin, Co-Founder of Narmi. “Business intelligence shouldn’t be so complicated. We saw an opportunity to develop a single-source of data truth by leveraging every possible data point across Narmi’s digital ecosystem - consumer digital banking, business banking, account opening and admin portal - and fusing that data with Sisense. Teams across a financial institution should be able to find answers in real-time and share that intelligence regardless of technical skill.”

“The BI and analytics market is evolving to where it has become critical to provide powerful differentiators by making it easy to embed insights at the moment a decision is needed,” said Scott Castle, VP and GM of Products of Sisense. “Most BI and analytics solutions were built and targeted at only the data analyst, but by leveraging Sisense, Narmi is providing more personalized and actionable intelligence to all business decision makers within their workflows across the financial institution.”

Narmi Analytics is embedded within Narmi’s Admin Portal as a unified experience to allow banks and credit unions to gather insights without having to switch back and forth between separate systems. The platform can be implemented in as little as two weeks for financial institutions who choose to add the experience across Narmi’s product suite (digital account opening, consumer digital banking and business digital banking).

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