WRDS Expands RavenPack Analytics

February 22, 2021

Wharton Research Data Services added RavenPack expanded Analytics data to its offerings. A part of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, WRDS provides global corporations, universities, and regulatory agencies the thought leadership, data access and insights needed to enable impactful research.

Alternative data has opened innovative pathways to analyze financial, economic and societal behaviors. Within that growing family of datasets, news analytics from RavenPack empower researchers to apply quantitative models to time series by presenting structured insights drawn from large numbers of curated news sources and business data. Augmented with sentiments and attention scores, these point-in-time datasets make it possible to identify previously unattainable signals.

Through continuous technological investment and supported by its own team of data scientists, RavenPack has significantly expanded its event detection and sentiment scoring capabilities, and this latest dataset is now available to researchers on WRDS.

Data highlights

Uncover correlations, patterns, relevance and influences in time series using quantitative models across an unprecedented breadth of topics from 25,000+ global sources.

Explore point-in-time records augmented with sentiment and media attention scores from 20+ years of historical data.

Search 300,000+ entities and 160,000+ macro entities referenced across all sectors.

“We are excited to expand RavenPack’s Analytics offerings,” said Robert Zarazowski, Managing Director of WRDS. “With extensive research being conducted in the area of textual analysis, RavenPack brings its latest innovations and extensive data to our global research community.”

Peter Hafez, Chief Data Scientist at RavenPack commented: “Academic researchers around the world are increasingly relying on our datasets to produce and publish outstanding research papers underpinned by our reliable news and sentiment analytics. The highly anticipated availability of RPA 1.0 on the Wharton Research portal will stimulate innovative research by unlocking insightful signals from financial market research to social sciences”.

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