Electric Supply Adopts FreightSnap Automated Dimensioning

December 3, 2021

Electric Supply was manually measuring and weighing about 12,000 electrical, communications and data networking products—all in various sizes and weights, making them difficult to measure. The large distributor was ready to ditch the measuring tapes and needed a way to quickly gather dimensions for more efficient inventory management. In 2019, they contacted FreightSnap and discovered a new way to manage, document and ship inventory.

FreightSnap worked closely with the staff at Electric Supply to fully understand the company’s products and logistics processes to create a custom solution.

The team began the project by annotating the internal part numbers with a generalized barcode system that connected to the existing warehouse management system (WMS). Electric Supply uses this system to determine the quantity and size of storage needed for each product.

After an on-site visit and thorough research of all products, FreightSnap created a custom dimensioning solution by combining the features of the parcel and pallet dimensioners to allow Electric Supply workers to measure the shipments in a snap.

After installing the dimensioners, Electric Supply trained its employees in a matter of five minutes and saw a massive improvement in the quality of information. Collecting the exact dimensions of each shipment has eliminated the need for price estimates and reweighs. The company can now provide customers with more accurate costs for outbound shipping.

Electric Supply also uses its dimensioners to add the weight and measurements of new items into its WMS. This documentation has helped the company improve warehouse storage and reduce unused space, and the cloud storage allows the team to quickly access product information and location.

With an e-commerce store on the horizon, Electric Supply is confident its dimensioners will provide detailed product information and outbound velocity data to streamline the fulfillment process and help their business grow.

“They really listened to what we wanted and what we were trying to do,” explained Operations Manager Mike Cronin. “They were willing to work with us to design exactly what we needed.”

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