Barracuda RMM Gets Boosted with New Security Options

August 18, 2021

Barracuda Networks made key updates to Barracuda RMM, the company's security-centric, cloud-based remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform.

"The continued enhancements we are making to Barracuda RMM are part of our ongoing commitment to supporting MSPs in improving their security offerings," said Chris Crellin, Senior Director, Product Management, Barracuda MSP. "RMM tools must become part of an MSP's daily client security posture assessment and remediation. Today, we are making those tasks easier for service providers to drive business value within their customer base, by adding new features and capabilities focused on mitigating security risks and protecting customers' data and applications."

Nadra Yazaji, Senior Director, RSM US LLP commented, "As a long-term partner of Barracuda MSP, we were excited to learn, when we decided to move forward with ServiceNow, that Barracuda RMM can integrate with it. With this new integration, we can centralize our events and IT ticket management through ServiceNow. The bi-directional communication ensures that when tickets are resolved, it closes the alert within Barracuda RMM, streamlining our management process and reducing our administrative overhead. Servicing over 500 client sites, it is important for us to be as efficient as possible, and Barracuda MSP has been a great partner to facilitate this."

Key highlights of the release include new integrations with Windows Defender Antivirus, updates to Microsoft and third-party software patch management functionality, enhanced integration with Barracuda Intronis Backup, and ServiceNow Service Desk integration.

Windows Defender Antivirus provides baseline protection against threats
Barracuda RMM now includes an integration with Windows Defender Antivirus, a free tool available through Microsoft, which MSPs can leverage to ensure their customers have integrated antivirus protection. Through Barracuda RMM's simple policy configuration options, MSPs can protect their endpoints through central management and alerting of Windows Defender Antivirus for all files, folders, and selected devices.

Improved patch management processes for Microsoft and third-party software
Third-party applications have become an increasingly used attack vector. As such, it is necessary for MSPs to include third-party software updates as part of their overall security service offering in order to protect their customers. Recognizing the critical nature of patch management as a recurring security remediation task, the latest Barracuda RMM release features the ability to apply patches immediately to identified devices and improve visibility on which devices are online or offline. Also included is third-party software patch management (Advanced Software Management) as part of the onboarding process for all new MSP partners.

Expanded integration with Barracuda Intronis Backup
The latest in a series of integration enhancements between Barracuda RMM and Intronis Backup includes the ability to seamlessly sync new information between the RMM and the Intronis management console, and view critical reports and alerts, such as missing backup reports and alerts on backups that fail to launch, all within the RMM tool. Together, Barracuda RMM and Intronis Backup provide essential protection and establish the proper security posture that includes regular assessment and data protection for a client's infrastructure.

Integration with ServiceNow streamlines event and ticket management
ServiceNow is an MSP-focused PSA tool that offers a strong, result-driven IT ticket management system. As MSPs are looking for strong PSA tools, the smart workflow of ServiceNow greatly aligns with Barracuda RMM's IT ticket integration. Barracuda RMM offers integrations between MSPs' foundational business tools empowering them to grow their businesses efficiently with centralized management of these tools.

As a result of this bi-directional integration with ServiceNow PSA, when a ticket is created in Barracuda RMM manually or automatically, incidents and events are also created in ServiceNow. ServiceNow then treats those events as any other events in their event management system.

This integration also enables MSPs to use their established event management, alert management, and ticket management systems in ServiceNow with Barracuda RMM. MSPs are no longer required to modify their workflows to take advantage of integration with ServiceNow.

Additional enhancements that feature in the release include:

Enhanced support for MacOS including a Mac Device Manager agent and upgrades for Catalina and Big Sur

A new MSI install package for Barracuda RMM Device Manager agent for Windows

Improved alerting emails including site, device, and alert configuration names in alert email subject lines

Improved searching of reports, and more

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