TransImpact Brand Debuts

July 26, 2021

Transportation Impact launch of a new corporate brand identity, name, and tagline. The organization will now be known as TransImpact.

"The name 'TransImpact' is a natural evolution from our original name, Transportation Impact," said TransImpact CEO Berkley Stafford. "As we evolved to support clients beyond shipping, this new name better reflects our new future as a technology company delivering solutions across the entire supply chain continuum."

Branding research showed that the company has built a strong reputation for agility and innovation since pioneering the parcel negotiation industry over a dozen years ago. Choosing a name that is an evolution of the original name builds upon the company's history while embracing its future.

Including a new tagline ("Driving Value. Creating Next"), the rebranding is part of the organization's strategy to evolve its business and create a foundation for new opportunities. The company acquired the supply chain business intelligence platform Vizion360 in January 2021. Today, TransImpact provides Software as a Service (SaaS) technologies, consulting, and managed services through its Parcel Solutions, Business Performance Solutions, and Managed Logistics Solutions.

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