LogDNA Log Data Restoration GA

November 11, 2021

Log Data Restoration allows users to pull enriched historical logs from archived storage back into the LogDNA UI for further analysis. The new capability removes barriers for accessing data, making it faster and easier for teams to gain the insights they need to make informed decisions about the health of their applications while controlling costs.

From DevOps and site reliability engineers debugging applications to security analysts investigating incidents, many teams throughout the IT organization rely on comprehensive observability data — especially log data — to generate insights. But retaining logs in hot storage can be costly, and manually searching archived logs can be extremely time consuming. Log Data Restoration enables customers to restore archived log data into the LogDNA platform, then quickly view and search their logs.

“True observability requires that data consumers can find insights they need — quickly and without barriers to access. However, the costs associated with keeping enriched data readily available present an impossible choice for teams that need to balance their budget with the growing need for those insights,” said Tucker Callaway, CEO, LogDNA. “Log Data Restoration effectively lowers the hurdle of analyzing historical log data for faster decision making.”

The new feature enables customers to quickly restore archived logs directly in the LogDNA platform and then take advantage of LogDNA’s familiar and easy-to-use search interface to find the right logs — even from months earlier. While competitive solutions put limitations on data restoration and require knowledge of specific query language to search archived logs, LogDNA allows customers to restore and easily search data with no limits or specialized language. Log Data Restoration builds on the foundation of LogDNA's Log Analysis platform, which provides teams with access to log data insights needed to better understand the health of their applications.

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