Progress Chef Portfolio Gets Enhancements

September 7, 2021

Progress has made enhancements to the Progress Chef portfolio that span multi-cloud trust and compliance, operator experience and productivity, and cloud “as a service” deployment flexibility.

“Rapid and continuous delivery of secure infrastructure and applications is critical to business agility and success,” said Sundar Subramanian, General Manager, Chef Business, Progress. “A DevSecOps approach has become the means to maintain compliance while releasing capabilities early and often as part of an agile development approach. Our focus is on delivering new security and compliance features while making Chef products easier to adopt and use in order to bring the promise of DevSecOps to more organizations.”

Enterprise trends are driving rapid DevSecOps innovation. As organizations move more workloads into the cloud, the need for security and compliance automation has accelerated. IT teams must continuously deliver change in their technology environments while maintaining adherence to business policies ranging from governmental regulations to security best practices. Chef technology enables a policy-as-code approach to automate the implementation, validation and governance of business policies. In line with these trends, and with the goal of helping more organizations adopt and gain value from DevSecOps practices and technology more easily, Progress is announcing the following new Chef features:

Multi-cloud Trust and Compliance – Chef® Compliance Automation for Cloud Resources extends support across major cloud providers AWS, Azure, and GCP with extensive new certified Chef® Premium Content plus support for cloud-specific best practices including integration with Azure Policy.

Enhanced Operator Productivity – Chef technology continues to support the DevSecOps journey by providing important enhancements to Chef® Enterprise Automation Stack, including tighter integration between compliance and infrastructure automation, support for Windows patch management, integration with leading secrets management tools, improvements to Chef® Workstation™ and Chef® Test Kitchen™ to enable test-driven development and new, more powerful infrastructure operations dashboards.

Deployment Flexibility – To ease adoption and bring the power of Chef to more organizations, Progress has launched SaaS-based access to its Chef product suite as a beta offering, now provides access to Chef products through the AWS and Azure Marketplaces, and launched an all-new Chef Managed Services program designed to eliminate the burden of managing an organization’s own Chef deployment.

“Offering our customers choice in the public cloud is a way of doing business for SAP,” said Jay Thoden van Velzen, Head of Security Operations for Multi-Cloud at SAP. “As our cloud workloads grow across cloud providers, our approach to security and compliance has to be flexible and highly scalable. Today we are scanning 14 million cloud resources for compliance in a matter of hours, and we anticipate that number will continue growing rapidly. Chef has been a great partner for us on this journey, and we are excited to continue collaborating with the Chef community at ChefConf and beyond.”

“Today’s announcements reflect the priority our customers place on securing their cloud workloads,” said Sudhir Reddy, Vice President of Engineering, Chef Business, Progress. “Increasingly, organizations also want the ease of consuming their security and operations software itself as a cloud service. We are excited by the opportunity to bring automation capabilities to more organizations through our SaaS offerings.”

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