Gluware 4.1 GA

September 2, 2021

The latest update to Gluware's intent-based, no-code/low-code automation suite introduces Data Explorer, a new Gluware application that offers unparalleled visibility into network data. Data Explorer enables NetOps teams to automate based on actionable, data-driven insights to enhance network agility, performance and security. With the additional enhancements in Gluware 4.1, organizations can use Gluware Network Automation to accelerate the replacement of less extensible and secure legacy network configuration and change management (NCCM) solutions.

"As enterprise networks become more complex, IT teams need to work faster and have better control of their network resources, or they will face a number of downstream risks. Legacy tools like NCCM do not work in modern environments and lack the reach to automate multi-vendor, multi-domain and multi-cloud networks," said Jeff Gray, CEO and co-founder, Gluware. "NetOps teams need granular visibility across entire enterprises to gain critical intelligence to accurately automate business intent with enough reach to orchestrate the entirety of a network - the old, the new and the future. This is critical for achieving the sustained performance and security that can turn IT into a competitive advantage."

Gluware 4.1 delivers intent-based, idempotent automation with closed-loop verification, providing extensibility, scalability and security that results in better productivity, reduced time to value and improved return on IT investment. Eliminating the need to build-your-own automation, Gluware offers both off-the-shelf applications and advanced customization through Gluware Lab, its integrated development environment (IDE). These features simplify the deployment of Gluware's powerful suite of network automation solutions that help NetOps teams optimize IT resources.

According to Gartner, Inc., "networking leaders struggle with network automation progress, since only 26% maintain accurate network data, severely stalling the effectiveness of these initiatives for 74% of enterprises ... Most enterprises' network management tool architectures are a siloed patchwork across vendor tools, features and network data representations. These domain-level tools create multiple disjointed processes each with its own workflow, adding unnecessary complexity to network automation tasks."

With deep visibility into platform, configuration and operational state data across enterprise networks of any size, Gluware 4.1's visual dashboards enable NetOps teams to visualize, analyze and act on data derived from enterprises' complex underlying networks. Regardless of technical experience, IT and network teams can use Gluware's no-code automation and orchestration for simple, repeatable tasks along with the advanced low-code development capabilities in Gluware Lab to extend and customize solutions to meet unique business demands. Gluware 4.1 provides enterprises with infrastructure as code and the automated orchestration of network discovery and inventory, configuration drift and auditing, OS management, configuration management and more.

Additional enhancements featured in Gluware 4.1 include:

Data-Driven Insights
  • Data Explorer - The new Data Explorer application offers the ability to build customizable reports of any data within the Gluware databases to create actionable NetOps insights. It also includes pre-built report templates with the ability to export in CSV, PDF or JSON.
  • Dashboard Enhancements - New widgets provide the ability to visualize underlying data, including a 3-tier starburst graph for device inventory, license summary, IPv4 and standard calculator, activity count and task list.
  • Advanced Device Discovery - Expanded device discovery covers additional state and resource information including port state, speed, duplex, VLAN ID, IP address and more.

Expanded Multi-Vendor and Multi-Domain Support

  • Device Managers - Added support for APC UPS Network Management Cards and the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS)
  • Config Modeling Vendor Packages - Added and enhanced support for Juniper MX and QFX series switches, Arista EOS cloud network operating system, HPE ArubaOS-CX network operating system and HPE ProVision switches, Cisco IOS XE Wireless Controller, AireOS Wireless Controller (beta) and Cisco IOS XE SD-WAN (beta)
  • OS Managers - Added and enhanced support for HPE ArubaOS-Switch, Cisco AireOS controllers, F5 Virtual Edition
  • Config Modeling API Packages - Enhanced support for Cisco Meraki and Cisco SD-WAN (beta)

Enhanced Usability and Security

  • Simplified and streamlined UI navigation - Left-hand navigation bar provides direct access to specific solution areas.
  • Device Access Status - New visual indicator in the device explorer shows the latest status of reachability along with reason for failure.
  • Enhance Security and Access Control - New options for SAML, two-factor authentication (2FA), and PKCE authentication provide more secure access.
  • Gluware Pro Envoy Proxy - The updated Gluware Secure Gateway tunnels connections for device connectivity, file services, syslog and more over a common SSL tunnel to the AWS instance.

Gluware 4.1 is available in Gluware Pro and Gluware Enterprise.

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