Boomi Upgrades AtomSphere Platform

June 23, 2021

Boomi added Data Catalog and Preparation (DCP) AtomSphere Service to the Boomi AtomSphere Platform, along with a new Data Operations Professional Services Offering (DataOps PSO). These new offerings, in addition to Boomi AtomSphere’s robust integration, data hub, and workflow automation capabilities serve as the foundation for enabling customers to accelerate data readiness in order to fuel integrated experiences.

Data proliferation is growing exponentially as enterprises progress on their digital journeys. Moving data to a state of readiness for use in self-service business intelligence, while ensuring security and governance of the data, is necessary for creating truly integrated experiences. However, the majority of an organization’s data is unknown, dormant, or underutilized. Even as enterprises are producing, capturing, and storing more data than ever before, they struggle to find critical information and lack the tools needed to turn data into actionable insights and drive business outcomes.

Leading analyst firm Forrester suggests using “data fabric” to democratize data across the enterprise for various use cases. “Data fabric enables enterprises to process, transform, secure, and orchestrate data from disparate data sources to deliver a trusted and real-time view of customer and business data, for applications and insights,” said Forrester.[1] “Without a data fabric strategy, organizations will likely spend more time and effort ingesting, integrating, curating, and securing data insights.”

By adding the DCP AtomSphere Service to the platform, along with new DataOps PSO, Boomi is providing businesses the framework to create a “data fabric” to accelerate finding and connecting trustworthy, quality-assured data from an almost infinite number of sources for their integration initiatives.

Fueling Integrated Experiences

By turning data into actionable insights, combined with comprehensive application connectivity and responsive, custom applications, organizations can more effectively manage, access, and protect enterprise-wide data, and accomplish data transformation initiatives at speed and scale.

Additional details include:

DCP AtomSphere Service - In addition to the multicloud and on-premises supported service, DCP is now available as a fully managed cloud-based service to work with the rest of the Boomi AtomSphere Platform. Delivering on the promise of a unified platform experience, customers can now connect to Master Data Hub natively from DCP and catalog their master data. The DCP AtomSphere Service breaks operational data silos, alleviating data bottlenecks with automation and intelligence to deliver faster business insights with the quality that organizations can trust.

Data Operations Professional Services Offering (DataOps PSO) - Composed of Boomi Blueprint, DevOps, and Enterprise Architecture Services, the DataOps PSO represents the next step in seamlessly integrating all forms of organizational data to achieve comprehensive integrated experiences, accelerating data governance and management.

Data Fabric - Additional elements of Boomi’s AtomSphere Platform (Master Data Hub, Integration, Flow, and API Management), combined with Data Catalog and Preparation and DataOps PSO, offer organizations a data fabric with the resources needed to output clean, consistent, trustworthy data prepped for integration to support improved business intelligence.

“We are leading the evolution of iPaaS to include key aspects of data management that address the common problems of data discovery, preparation, and governance that we often see integration projects suffer from,” said Ed Macosky, Head of Product at Boomi. “Customers no longer need to integrate multiple point solutions to share data between systems and data repositories – they can simply access the Boomi platform to holistically accelerate data readiness processes across their enterprise.”

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