Anaconda, HP Team for Data Scientists

May 3, 2021

Anaconda is fully integrated into the Z by HP for Data Science product line as part of the preloaded software stack, with additional future opportunities to collaborate in areas like community programming, such as with HP’s Data Science Ambassador program.

“A key focus that we have at Anaconda is helping data scientists do their work more efficiently and breaking down the barriers to data science,” said Peter Wang, CEO and co-founder of Anaconda. “Part of that includes ensuring data scientists have the proper tools available to them; through this collaboration with Z by HP, we can ensure that more data scientists have access to the software they need.”

Andrada Olteanu, a data scientist at Envada, says, “Z by HP makes it easier to do my work by having go-to packages and configurations readily available in a secure and managed environment, combined with the ability to explore multi-billion record datasets.”

The preloaded software stacks available through Z by HP help take the guesswork out of optimizing data science environments, saving time on setup and configuration. With GPU acceleration for data scientists, Z by HP provides the necessary computing power, while Anacondas’s curated repositories, trusted by more than 25M users worldwide, make accessing key packages and libraries easy.

“As someone who uses both Anaconda and Z by HP, having these two integrated together in the preloaded software stack is very exciting for those looking to get into the field, and I can’t wait to see how this collaboration further expands its resources for data scientists,” said Ken Jee, head of data science at Scouts Consulting Group and Z by HP Ambassador.

“Z by HP aims to equip data scientists with the right software and hardware tools to analyze data, build new models, and be productive on day one,” said Jim Nottingham, general manager and global head, Advanced Compute and Solutions, HP Inc. “Our collaboration with Anaconda, a leader in Python-based software, will help the data science community be more efficient, and reduce users’ struggle to install, integrate, and manage their environment amid a flood of constantly changing tools.”

“The preloaded software stack on Z by HP accelerates my data science workflow, and Anaconda is a great addition to the toolkit,” said Ruchi Bhatia, a computer engineer working at Colgate-Palmolive and a Z by HP Ambassador. “As someone who used Anaconda as a university student, and now in my corporate role, Anaconda as a part of the Z by HP stack saves me time by making package management and environment configuration seamless, further expediting my time to insights.”

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