Toloka Ramps Up Data Labeling Service in SE Asia

April 29, 2021

Toloka plans to expand its crowdsourced talent base of Tolokers by tapping India’s billion-strong worker base. The company also seeks to make inroads into countries in the surrounding region.

Toloka is a cloud-based platform, which generates machine learning data at scale by harnessing the wisdom of the crowd from around the world. It operates a crowdsourced model that lets any individual in any country log on, complete tasks, and earn extra income in their spare time. To ensure impeccable quality standards, Toloka has implemented a number of quality control measures such as smart matching of performers to tasks, AI-based predictions of task performance quality, and flexible review settings with options for both automated and manual task acceptance.

Toloka has already connected a 9 million-strong global network of task performers, with over 300,000 people located in India and the surrounding region. In line with expanding global adoption of artificial intelligence (AI), the data-labeling industry has also experienced considerable growth in recent years, with Mckinsey estimates placing this industry’s current worth at around $2 billion. As the prevalence of AI continues to grow, so will the need for data-labeling -- an industry, which is set to reach $12.1 billion by 2025, according to Toloka’s calculations.

India is a world leader in STEM education, producing over 2 million qualified graduates each year, and English is widely spoken. Toloka now plans to focus on seeking out task performers in this region to leverage its talented, tech-literate population.

Olga Megorskaya, Toloka CEO, said: “We’re excited to continue our push into India, as well as into the surrounding areas, including Pakistan, Myanmar, Bangladesh, and Indonesia. Our 300,000 Tolokers from this region have already proven extremely valuable to our customers, but a great deal of untapped potential remains in this market. We hope to see new talents from India and beyond on our platform soon, and look forward to setting new industry standards together.”

In addition to Toloka’s unparalleled focus on the quality of its work, the company is also working to improve industry-wide standards. Toloka professionals have recently begun teaching the world’s first free course on crowdsourced data-labelling, launched by Yandex on Coursera, to educate the next generation of people interested in working with data.

The Company puts its corporate social responsibilities at the heart of everything it does and focuses on guaranteeing a mutually beneficial relationship with Tolokers. They have a voice at Toloka, providing feedback and rating the projects they complete to help ensure the system works best for everyone. A robust training process also provides Tolokers with new skills, while its flexible part-time nature gives them the freedom to earn extra disposable income while working from home, choosing the working hours that work for their lifestyle.

Toloka’s unique quality assurance mechanisms truly set it apart from competitors. They allow customers to rate the Tolokers, at the same time as Tolokers rate their experience of working on each project. This is in line with the company’s democratisation ethos, which provides greater transparency and ultimately higher quality to Toloka’s product.

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