Swarm64 DA 5.0 GA

November 3, 2020

Swarm64 DA 5.0 now enhances free, open source PostgreSQL with hybrid transactional/analytical processing (HTAP) capabilities. Swarm64 DA is turnkey software that extends free, open source PostgreSQL with much faster query performance to help customers lower costs, scale more easily, and simplify database application development.

Maintaining multiple copies of a database to support transactional systems of record and, separately, systems of insight, such as data warehouses, is a costly, decades-old practice. HTAP holds the promise of ending this duplication of resources, thus lowering database management costs, and simplifying operational analytics.

HTAP for PostgreSQL is made possible by the introduction of compressed columnstore indexing in Swarm64 DA 5.0 for PostgreSQL. Columnstore indexes enable very fast reporting and analysis on standard, transactional PostgreSQL database tables. This feature eliminates the cost of having to replicate data to a separate database for reporting, or having to analyze outdated data.

“HTAP is no longer the sole domain of expensive proprietary database software like Oracle, SAP HANA, and MemSQL,” said Thomas Ricther, CEO and co-founder of Swarm64. “Swarm64 DA 5.0 is an important breakthrough. It greatly simplifies database development for PostgreSQL users and gives enterprises a free, open source HTAP option in PostgreSQL.”

In addition to compressed columnstore indexing, Swarm64 DA 5.0 includes:

Faster table scanning

Support for PostgreSQL 12

Support for EDB Postgres Advanced Server

Acceleration of SQL

Automatic update of table statistics

Other query engine optimizations that simplify and extend Swarm64 DA’s acceleration of PostgreSQL SQL queries

Along with other PostgreSQL performance enhancements, like increased parallel processing, faster SQL JOIN functions, and several query engine improvements, Swarm64 DA 5.0 accelerates query performance 5x to 60x over standard PostgreSQL. Besides being an easy way to improve price-performance for PostgreSQL applications, Swarm64 DA also enables enterprises to replace expensive data warehouse databases with free, open source PostgreSQL, saving millions annually in IT costs.

Berlin-based Turbit Systems has been working with Swarm64 DA to meet the data management challenges of real-time condition monitoring of wind turbines.“We have been using Swarm64 DA for the past year to help us scale our machine learning platform for wind turbine performance,” said Michael Tegtmeier, CEO & Founder, Turbit Systems. “We are excited about Swarm64 DA 5.0 because, as with new versions before it, the Swarm64 team keeps making it easier for us to accelerate PostgreSQL database performance as our business grows.”

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