Deloitte Intros AIOPS.D

March 3, 2022

AIOPS.D is a first-of-its-kind business and subscription offering designed to help clients quickly and easily implement AI-fueled autonomous business processes across industries and functions. Organizations are increasingly turning to microservices to quickly build, test and deploy cloud-native applications. AIOPS.D delivers a microservices platform and subscription-based managed services offering, combined with deep domain experience from Deloitte and its ecosystem collaborators to help these organizations deploy full-service enterprise AI applications at scale. With AIOPS.D, organizations can drive efficiency and capitalize on human and machine collaboration to create value and meaning through work.

The AIOPS.D offering helps address several key challenges that clients face, including:

Enabling autonomous business process operations.

Accelerating time to deployment for autonomous business processes.

Solving for the scarcity of marketplace talent via automation.

Reducing total business process costs.

Injecting real-time insights into the organization by augmenting existing ERP systems with new intelligent applications.

Elevating the human experience with touchless transactions, managing the business by exception with digital workflows, and bringing work to people, not people to work.

Amy Feirn, deputy CEO, Deloitte Consulting LLP said, "We are excited to introduce AIOPS.D, a new Deloitte business focused on helping clients quickly deploy intelligent, AI-fueled applications into their organizations to autonomously execute core processes across critical business functions. Our clients are increasingly looking for solutions that deliver high-value business outcomes, and AIOPS.D is highly standardized, yet configurable to the specific needs of each organization."

Abdi Goodarzi, enterprise performance lead and principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP added, "This new Deloitte startup is groundbreaking by enabling critical parts of our clients' businesses to run autonomously. AIOPS.D can drive significant business value in the near term. As a subscription offering, our clients can quickly realize the benefits of autonomous operations, touchless transactions, ecosystem orchestration, and human-centered work at scale."

Unlock the value of autonomous business operations

As organizations look to run their business operations autonomously, Deloitte's AIOPS.D business can deliver value in the following ways:

Quicker time-to-impact: Microservices can be deployed in 90 days or less.

Continuous innovation: Deloitte's proprietary platform and ecosystem collaborations allow clients to tap into unmatched domain experience.

Lower risk: With minimal upfront investments and outcome-based pricing, businesses can scale when outcomes are proven.

Operational efficiency: Through Deloitte managed services and cloud-native technology experience.
Elevated human experience: Autonomous operations allow for work redesign focused on value and meaning of work.

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