UpConnectMe Debuts

March 24, 2021

Connexus  launched a paid social media platform (mobile app and website) called UpConnectMe, which offers a secure and ad-free environment for interaction with friends and family.

Connexus, Anil Nimmagadda conceived the idea for “A Sane Business Model for Social Media” in the weeks following the Cambridge Analytica data scandal that came to light in March 2018. He envisioned an app that would serve only paying customers, to ensure no conflict of interest and to enable security- and privacy-conscious members to share their thoughts, pictures, videos, and documents in a trusted environment.

“With UpConnectMe, a rich ecosystem can be built by its exclusive members who are empowered to safely and securely interact,” said Nimmagadda. “Through countless hours of research, I have discovered that those who value privacy enough will be willing to pay for it. So now, for the price of one coffee per month, a safe and secure platform can be utilized to interact with friends and family without having to worry about ads or data mining.”

UpConnectMe members will pay a monthly subscription fee of approximately $4.00 to enjoy a pristine, ad-free environment – with no data mining, AI or algorithms – for safe interaction with other trusted members of their choosing. A corporate version of the platform will allow larger networks, groups, and organizations to utilize a white label solution that would enable them to have a self-branded, in-house mobile app for social interactions.

Following a lengthy and detailed beta testing phase, UpConnectMe is now ready for a global launch as a mobile app and a website.

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