Perforce Enhances Helix Sync

April 13, 2021

Perforce Software introduced its new version control desktop client — Helix Sync — enabling non-coders such as artists and designers to version digital assets, with a simple drag-and-drop UI.

Creative assets are critical to development. Industries looking to drive new innovations need to manage the ever-increasing file size, while enhancing collaboration between developers and non-technical contributors. Traditionally, creative digital assets are managed separately, slowing down teams and delaying critical feedback. Helix Sync is an alternative interface for Perforce Helix Core — the game and media development standard for version control — that centralizes digital asset management for builds. There is nothing to buy or integrate, teams simply choose the interface that works best for them.

"Even if your team is small, it doesn't mean your challenges or files are. Helix Sync was built to help teams go faster," said Gerhard Krüger, Cloud Architect and Product Manager at Perforce. "Securely versioning design assets alongside code removes complexity and accelerates development."

With Helix Sync, artists and designers can version any asset using their preferred tools. They get all the benefits of Helix Core — superior performance, automated workflows, and more. Breaking down silos in development, Helix Sync creates a single source of truth, promoting reuse across teams. Join a discussion with industry experts to learn more and see Helix Sync in action.

Perforce Software continues to expand on existing products to optimize workflows across and unite global teams.

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