Hortonworks Makes Strategic Partnerships with Pivotal & Syncsort

April 13, 2016

Hortonworks has made a significant expansion of their strategic relationship centered on the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDPTM) and Pivotal HDB. This strategic relationship brings together Hortonworks’ expertise and support for data management and processing with Pivotal’s top analytics engine for Apache Hadoop. Building on their previously announced alliance, the expanded Hortonworks/Pivotal relationship includes the following:

Pivotal will standardize on Pivotal HDP, support subscription software that is 100% identical to the Hortonworks Data Platform. With the introduction of Pivotal HDP, customers will get access to the rich data security, governance and operations functionality provided by HDP. Hortonworks and Pivotal are jointly going to market with an upgrade program for existing PHD customers to take advantage of HDP.

Hortonworks will offer professional customer support and professional implementation services for Hortonworks HDB powered by Apache HAWQ. Hortonworks HDB is support subscription software that is 100% identical to Pivotal HDB and provides native SQL support on Hadoop. Hortonworks HDB is an add-on support subscription to HDP and will be available in Q2 2016.

“Through this expanded partnership, customers will now benefit from the deep expertise of both companies in delivering enterprise-ready open source software for production environments at scale for the most demanding workloads,” said Herb Cunitz, president, Hortonworks. “Hortonworks and Pivotal are aligned in the belief that the best way to deliver infrastructure platform technology today is to eliminate fragmentation and do it completely in open source.”

“This collaboration brings to life our shared belief in an open source approach and the pervasive adoption of enterprise-ready modern data platforms,” said Leo Spiegel, senior vice president, corporate development and strategy, Pivotal. “Together, Pivotal and Hortonworks have a unified approach via the ODPi Core which removes key barriers to the widespread enterprise adoption of Hadoop and modern big data applications.”

Also, Hortonworks has expanded its partnership with Syncsort to deliver an integrated solution to help customers quickly and efficiently migrate data onto Hortonworks Data Platform (HDPTM). Hortonworks will resell Syncsort’s DMX-h for onboarding ETL processing in Hadoop. With this partnership, Hortonworks and Syncsort are providing a trusted solution for integrating legacy ETL flows in Connected Data Platforms.

Connected Data Platforms are at the center of modern data and analytics architectures, and onboarding data from other systems is a key success factor. Implementing ETL processing that originates in legacy systems can be time consuming and resource intensive. The combination of HDP with DMX-h enables data from traditional legacy systems like mainframes to be quickly and seamlessly onboarded into Hadoop in a format that is easily understood for fast and easy analytics. Through this integration, there is no need to rewrite complex processes or mappings, meaning customers can quickly migrate important data into a cluster while retaining the data’s integrity and provenance.

“Our Connected Data Platforms are the core of a modern data architecture and customers want to get as much of their data as possible under management in HDP to maximize their analytics capability,” said Scott Gnau, chief technology officer, Hortonworks. “We are constantly looking for ways to improve the customer experience, and this partnership will reduce the cost and time of ETL onboarding to HDP while enabling faster time to value for integrated analytics.”

“Some of the world’s largest organizations use Syncsort DMX-h to securely access data from mainframe or virtually any other data source, and integrate it on Hadoop, on-premise or in the cloud,” said Tendü Yoğurtçu, general manager of Syncsort’s Big Data business. “We are very excited to expand our partnership with Hortonworks to easily bring data in any format into HDP to allow our joint customers to gain bigger insights and drive business agility.”

Hortonworks will begin reselling Syncsort DMX-h in Q2 of 2016.

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