Research Priorities for Robust and Beneficial Artificial Intelligence: an Open Letter

January 12, 2015

Artificial intelligence (AI) research has explored a variety of problems and approaches since its inception, but for the last 20 years or so has been focused on the problems surrounding the construction of intelligent agents - systems that perceive and act in some environment. In this context, "intelligence" is related to statistical and economic notions of rationality - colloquially, the ability to make good decisions, plans, or inferences. The adoption of probabilistic and decision-theoretic representations and statistical learning methods has led to a large degree of integration and cross-fertilization among AI, machine learning, statistics, control theory, neuroscience, and other fields. The establishment of shared theoretical frameworks, combined with the availability of data and processing power, has yielded remarkable successes in various component tasks such as speech recognition, image classification, autonomous vehicles, machine translation, legged locomotion, and question-answering systems.

As capabilities in these areas and others cross the threshold from laboratory research to economically valuable technologies, a virtuous cycle takes hold whereby even small improvements in performance are worth large sums of money, prompting greater investments in research. There is now a broad consensus that AI research is progressing steadily, and that its impact on society is likely to increase. The potential benefits are huge, since everything that civilization has to offer is a product of human intelligence; we cannot predict what we might achieve when this intelligence is magnified by the tools AI may provide, but the eradication of disease and poverty are not unfathomable. Because of the great potential of AI, it is important to research how to reap its benefits while avoiding potential pitfalls.

The progress in AI research makes it timely to focus research not only on making AI more capable, but also on maximizing the societal benefit of AI. Such considerations motivated the AAAI 2008-09 Presidential Panel on Long-Term AI Futures and other projects on AI impacts, and constitute a significant expansion of the field of AI itself, which up to now has focused largely on techniques that are neutral with respect to purpose. We recommend expanded research aimed at ensuring that increasingly capable AI systems are robust and beneficial: our AI systems must do what we want them to do. The attached research priorities document gives many examples of such research directions that can help maximize the societal benefit of AI. This research is by necessity interdisciplinary, because it involves both society and AI. It ranges from economics, law and philosophy to computer security, formal methods and, of course, various branches of AI itself.

In summary, we believe that research on how to make AI systems robust and beneficial is both important and timely, and that there are concrete research directions that can be pursued today.

Open letter signatories include:

Stuart Russell, Berkeley, Professor of Computer Science, director of the Center for Intelligent Systems, and co-author of the standard textbook Artificial Intelligence: a Modern Approach.
Tom Dietterich, Oregon State, President of AAAI, Professor and Director of Intelligent Systems
Eric Horvitz, Microsoft research director, ex AAAI president, co-chair of the AAAI presidential panel on long-term AI futures
Bart Selman, Cornell, Professor of Computer Science, co-chair of the AAAI presidential panel on long-term AI futures
Francesca Rossi, Padova & Harvard, Professor of Computer Science, IJCAI President and Co-chair of AAAI committee on impact of AI and Ethical Issues
Demis Hassabis, co-founder of DeepMind
Shane Legg, co-founder of DeepMind
Mustafa Suleyman, co-founder of DeepMind
Dileep George, co-founder of Vicarious
Scott Phoenix, co-founder of Vicarious
Vernor Vinge, San Diego, Professor Emeritus of Computer Science
Peter Norvig, Director of research at Google and co-author of the standard textbook Artificial Intelligence: a Modern Approach
Michael Wooldridge, Oxford, Head of Dept. of Computer Science, Chair of European Coordinating Committee for Artificial Intelligence
Leslie Pack Kaelbling, MIT, Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, founder of the Journal of Machine Learning Research
Tom Mitchell, CMU, former President of AAAI, chair of Machine Learning Department
Toby Walsh, Univ. of New South Wales & NICTA, Professor of AI and President of the AI Access Foundation
Murray Shanahan, Imperial College, Professor of Cognitive Robotics
Michael Osborne, Oxford, Associate Professor of Machine Learning
David Parkes, Harvard, Professor of Computer Science
Laurent Orseau, Google/DeepMind
Ilya Sutskever, Google, AI researcher
Blaise Aguera y Arcas, Google, AI researcher
Steve Crossan, Google
Charina Choi, Google
Joscha Bach, MIT, AI researcher
Bill Hibbard, Madison, AI researcher
Steve Omohundro, AI researcher
Richard Mallah, Cambridge Semantics, Director of Advanced Analytics, AI researcher
Alexander Wissner-Gross, Harvard, Fellow at the Institute for Applied Computational Science
Adrian Weller, Cambridge, AI researcher
Jacob Steinhardt, Stanford, AI Ph.D. student
Nick Hay, Berkeley, AI Ph.D. student
Jaan Tallinn, co-founder of Skype, CSER and FLI
Elon Musk, SpaceX, Tesla Motors
Luke Nosek, Founders Fund
Aaron VanDevender, Founders Fund
Matthew Putman, CEO of Nanotronics Imaging
Owain Evans, MIT, Ph.D. student in probabilistic computing
Viktoriya Krakovna, Harvard, Statistics Ph.D. student, FLI co-founder
Janos Kramar, FLI researcher
Erik Brynjolfsson, MIT, Professor at and director of MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy
Ryan Calo, U. Washington, Assistant Professor of Law
Heather Roff Perkins, U. Denver, visiting professor
Tomaso Poggio, Director, Center for Brains, Minds and Machines
Margaret Boden, U. Sussex, Professor of Cognitive Science
Joshua Greene, Harvard, Associate Professor of Psychology
Martin Rees, Cambridge, Professor Emeritus of Cosmology and Astrophysics, Gruber & Crafoord laureate
Huw Price, Cambridge, Bertrand Russell Professor of Philosophy
Nick Bostrom, Oxford, Professor of Philosophy, Director of FHI
Anthony Aguirre, Santa Cruz, Professor of Physics, co-founder of FLI
Stephen Hawking, Director of research at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics at Cambridge, 2012 Fundamental Physics Prize laureate for his work on quantum gravity
Frank Wilczek, MIT, Professor of Physics, Nobel Laureate for his work on the strong nuclear force
Marin Soljacic, MIT, Professor of Physics, McArthur Fellow, Founder of WiTricity
Max Tegmark, MIT, Professor of Physics, co-founder of FLI and FQXi
Meia Chita-Tegmark, Boston University, co-founder of FLI
Luke Muehlhauser, Executive Director of Machine Intelligence Research Institute (MIRI)
Eliezer Yudkowsky, MIRI researcher, co-founder of MIRI (then known as SIAI)
Katja Grace, MIRI researcher
Benja Fallenstein, MIRI researcher
Nate Soares, MIRI researcher
Michael Vassar, founder of MetaMed and ex-president of MIRI (then known as SIAI)
Paul Christiano, Berkeley, Computer Science graduate student
Seán Ó Héigeartaigh, University of Cambridge, Executive Director, CSER
Andrew Snyder-Beattie, Future of Humanity Institute, Project Manager
Anders Sandberg, Oxford, FHI researcher
Daniel Dewey, Oxford, FHI researcher
Stuart Armstrong, Oxford, FHI researcher
Cecilia Tilli, Oxford, FHI researcher
Toby Ord, FHI researcher, Founder of Giving What We Can
Geoff Anders, founder of Leverage Research
JB Straubel, co-founder of Tesla
Sam Harris, Project Reason
Ajay Agrawal, U. Toronto
James Manyika, McKinsey
James Moor, Dartmouth
Wendell Wallach, Yale
Sean Legassick, MobGeo
Shamil Chandaria, London U, Institute of Philosophy
Michele Reilly, Turing Inc.
Neil Jacobstein, Singularity University
Dominik Grewe, Google DeepMind
Roman V. Yampolskiy, University of Louisville
Geoffrey Hinton, University of Toronto and Google Inc.
Carlos R. B. Azevedo, University of Campinas, AI Researcher
Michael Andregg, Fathom Computing
Ulrich Junker, IBM
Miroslaw Truszczynski, University of Kentucky
Christian Steinruecken, University of Cambridge, graduate student in AI
Mark Waser, Digital Wisdom Institute
Douglas Clark, CEO, Métier
Steven Schmatz, University of Michigan
Corey Henderson, Computer Security Researcher
Jeffrey D. Rupp
Amit Kumar
Jesus Cepeda, PhD in Robotics and AI, Monterrey, Mexico
Rodolfo Rosini, CEO, Storybricks
CD Athuraliya, Machine learning student, USJP, WSO2
Eray Özkural, Gök Us Sibernetik Ar & Ge, Computer Scientist
Kathryn McElroy, UX Designer for IBM Watson
Anirban Bhattacharya, Computer Science Researcher
Lan Laucirica, SpaceX
Jesse Brown, UC San Francisco, Neuroscience postdoctoral scholar
Jonathan Yates, IBM Watson Group EMEA
Sam Richard, UI Architect, IBM Watson
Joel Pitt, Independent Researcher (ex-OpenCog)
Achu Wilson, C.T.O Sastra Robotics
Mark Watson, author and consultant specializing in artificial intelligence
George Kachergis, postdoctoral researcher at New York University
Roberto Paura, Italian Institute for the Future
David Duvenaud, Harvard University
James Babcock, Praxamed
Igor Trajkovski,
Appu Shaji, Head, R&D, EyeEm
Jared Peters, co-founder of Origamir Robotics
Tsvi Benson-Tilsen, University of Chicago, MIRI associate
Nathaniel Thomas, Stanford University, PhD student in quantum computing
Alejandro Machado, Carnegie Mellon University, graduate student
Max Kesin, Palantir, ML developer
Patrick LaVictoire, MIRI
Ronnie Vuine, micropsi industries
Simon Hughes, PhD Candidate Machine Learning, DePaul
Gabriel Synnaeve, Ecole Normale Supérieure / EHESS
Ben Goertzel, OpenCog Foundation
Peteris Erins, Consultant at McKinsey & Company
Evan Goldschmidt, Google
Anna Salamon, Center for Applied Rationality
Rob Bensinger, MIRI
Marcello Herreshoff, MIRI Researcher, Google
Percy Liang, Stanford
Gabriel Garrett, Artificial Consciousness Engineer
Vijay Saraswat, IBM TJ Watson Research Center
Ben Hamner, Chief Science Officer, Kaggle
Dan Von Kohorn, v2 Ratings
Nicholas Haan, Singularity University
Roger K. Moore, University of Sheffield, Professor of Spoken Language Processing
Alyssa Vance, Google Machine Learning
Safi Ysf, Casablanca AI PhD student
Joanie Lemercier, JL studio
Alex France, Brandsumo Ltd
David Harvilicz, CEO,
Daniel Lockyer, Computer Science Student
Shagun Akarsh, Software Engineer
Joshua Singer, Stanford CS '19
Sean Lorber, SIB, IP, CIT
Jelmar Gerritsen, Student
Alberto Mota, AGLOBALWAY
Jeffrey Derose, CUNY College of Staten Island Computer Science Student
Hradayesh Nimavat, Data Science researcher
Natalija Donaj, Dr. Dent. Med., University of Ljubljana, Slovenis
Conall Laverty, Founder & Director at Woogie
Maël Primet, co-founder of Snips
Dana Timmons
Kamil Kolasiński
Samir Moussa, Computer Scientist
Tony Pavičević
Lukas Andersson, Student at Nordic Institute of Technology
Noah Mazon
Daniel James, British Airways
Mark Heyert, Collective Digital Studio
Sherri Caron
Graham Reilly, Royal Holloway University of London, Student.
Mark Ligameri
Edward Chapman, Lancaster University
Tamas Locher, Purpose Industries
Channon Norris, Surgical
Pete Johnson, Owner of PCDATALINCS
Blain Tomlinson, WalkJoy, Inc.
Ray Jimenez, Vignettes Learning
Jim Vleck, Software Engineer
Manuel Serrano, AMImechE
Shawn Rimmell, Founder, GLOBAL Automation Technologies
Channon Norris, Surgical robotics
Josh Caplan, Tea of the People
Rand Hindi, CEO, Snips
Rajesh Dash, Stanford University
Adam Campbell
Jack Hunt, University of Oxford
Chad Steinback
Mislav Renić, University of Zagreb
Michael Sinanian, University of Michigan Law School, JD Candidate
Davide Marcato, Student
Nathan Pinnell, Student
Alexander Lundborg, Student
Stephen Parsons, University of Kentucky
Tuan Bui, Mobosurvey founder
Muhammad Hafiz, Control & Mechatronics Engineering Department, UTM
Stephen J. Palaszewski, Ph.D., Blue Danube Labs, Consultant
Vicente Silveira, LinkedIn
Ibrahim Hyder, University of Waterloo
Jeffrey Weiren Wang, School of Computer Science, Georgia Institute of Technology
Herluf Dahlin, ee engineer/msc psychology
Gert Post, founder of Heimdallr Smart Networks
LeAnthony Mathews, Rutgers
Jenny Ottosson, CEO and Founder of Corylus Technologies
Davide Radice, Amazon
Jürgen Messing
Layla Mah, Lead Architect, VR & Advanced Rendering, AMD
Stephen Fraser, Blackgrid Ltd.
Andrew Kemendo, National Intelligence University
Morteza Zandieh, KTH AI Master
Rob Phillips, Drone Researcher
Hannu Rajaniemi, Helix Nanotechnologies, Inc.
Ales Flidr, Harvard College Student
Michael Fester, Co-founder of Snips
Diego Martinez, Software developer at Wordstream
Jack Arenas, Goldman Sachs
Federico Gobbo, Universiteit van Amsterdam
Emil Gilliam, Google
Oliver Habryka, UC Berkeley student
Tyler Neely, Distributed Systems, Security, and Brain-Computer Interface Engineer
Eric Matzner, Futurist
Susan Holden Martin, MBA, J.D., Steering Committee, The Mars Society, Inc.
Ellis Reppo, Founder Salinger Enterprises
Remy Goldschmidt, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, student
Bradley Johnson, SolarCity LV
Nikolaj Berntsen, CTO GenieBelt
Riley Carney
Chase Moores, FLI Researcher
Murali Narasimman, Head of Technology, GE
P. Chaudhuri, Sr.Analyst, Software Dev.
Mamur Hossain, Cyfro Inc.
Jan Fischer, ESADE Business School
Gabriel Voaides
Nicole Demers, Web Developer
Muhammad Hafiz, Control & Mechatronics Engineering Department, UTM
Michael Stephenson, Student
Alexandr Bormintsev
Luiz Bragais, University of the Philippines Los Bańos, Computer Science graduate
Cristopher Ontiveros, entrepreneur
Massimo Di Pierro, DePaul University
Michael Plazek, Engineering Student
Clay Norris, Tech Enthusiast
Walter Patrick Smith, Further Future
Shane Hudson
Alex Nimmer
Sergey Mikhailov, Software engineer
Pavel Voronov, Sukhoi Civil Aircraft
Barun K Saha, PhD student at IIT Kharagpur
Damien Lejeune, Maastricht University (DKE)
Halil Şahin, Industrial Engineer
Dileep Kumar K, Institute of Human Resource Development (Govt. of Kerala), Jr. System Analyst
Larry J. Manson
Mathew Madhavacheril, Graduate Student, Stony Brook University
Sander Lac
Brett Prince, Marketaire
Ryan Wisth
Zachary Collins, Stublisher, Inc.
Josh Buxton, Student
Eduardo Jezierski, CEO/CTO InSTEDD
Jacob Berggren, Engineering student
Wolfgang Feist, Professor of Energy Efficient Construction, University of Innsbruck UIBK
Anubhav Ashok, The University of Texas at Austin
Raphael Giesecke, Aalto University, School of Science
Ben Ellmann
Nader Assi, Student, future entrepreneur
Alton Foreman
Terry Hopkins, Stakeholder
James William Graham, iOS Developer at Find & Form | AI Researcher
Lester Nare, CEO at Digitalcade
Brandon Levine, Openbucks
John Komkov, Stanford University
Gabriel Anderson, VaynerPublishing, Data architect
Mayoor Rao, Engieer, Infosys
MJ Gray, Student, University of Liverpool
Antonio Nikishaev
Len Richards, CIC Member
Peter Stephan Gschladt, Thinker
Scott Ellison, Quirkhammer, LLC
Brian Reilly, Student
Martin Winkler, cFos Software
Lyubomir Baburov, Science promoter
Zane Whitney, Student
James Miller, Smith College, Author Singularity Rising
Dave Coleman
Jim Bowerman
Alexandre Landry
Daniel van der Mierden, High Teck Internet Applications
Connor Brown
Konstantin Andryushchenko, International Business Executive, Human
Brian Musuku, student
Jiří Tulach, CTO, Position s.r.o.
Andrew Martin
Bryan Anderson, Student, The University of Alabama
Sean Newman Maroni, Betaversity
Doanh Do
Michael Elliot
Ariff Azraai, Department of Control and Mechatronic Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
Julian de Rond, Student RSM Rotterdam
Jacob Fenton, Student
Peter Monien
Andrew Hollenbach, Geologist
Prem Nair, CS Student at Princeton University
Abdulah Baniardalan, Social Behavior
Alexandru Litoiu, Yale University
Crystal Li
Thomas Lahore
Liz Hanson, FE Lecturer (retired)
Crystal Li, Independent Researcher
Shannon Fiume, Autofracture LLC
Jasper Walden, Technical University of Berlin
Michael Kuhlmann, Colony Networks
Ilia Vorontsov
Jonas Hermsmeier
Varun Kumar
Bryan Gomez, Red Ferguson
Brian Driscoll, Sr. Systems Engineer, Osprey Software Development
Dior Phillips
Logan Brown, Computer Science Student at Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Jordhy Ledesma, Information Providers
Nicolas Lawler, Student
Ciaran Doyle
Labbé Thomas
Lourdes Serrano, Startup Weekend Guayaquil
John Wilkerson
Md Islam, CEO of Hack Guild
Patrick Maloney, Startup Grind
Lawrence Ajadi
Katy Moe, Software Developer, Kahoot!
Matt Dalzell
Mardoqueo Sueldo
Duc Ngo
Brian Shirai, Independent Programming Language Researcher
Orla Polten, St John's College, Cambridge
Roko Jelavic, Ericsson
Rolf Lohr, Tesla Owners US
Navneeth Gopalakrishnan
Louis Choquel, Entrepreneur, Software Engineer
Nino Miletić
Hayden Garvey
Todd Ariss, Independent researcher
Ozzie Gooen, Software Engineer
Soheil Yasrebi, Loverino Inc.
Rafael Augusto Peressinoto, Co-founder, ShowCase PRO
Alan Sammarone, Software Engineer
Geir Smestad, Self-employed
David Chen, Independent Researcher
Neil Martin, video game programmer
John Gentry, Student
Evgenii Ilyushin, Lomonosov Moscow State University
Peter Marshall,, CEO
TR Eagan
Sven Erb, Control Systems Engineer
Markus Schacher, KnowBody at KnowGravity Inc.
Marc Bejarano
Keith Abdulla
Steven Miller
Tim Daly, CMU LTI Senior Research Programmer
Martin Kember
Morteza Zandieh, KTH AI Master, Centroid Studio
Stefan Schubert, LSE Philosophy
Tony Jing
Colin Lewis, RobotEnomics
Christian Rishřj
Jan Germann, TU-Braunschweig, Student of Computer Science
Mark Doering-Powell, American Society of Cinematographers
Hakan Gülmez, Al
Feliciano Guimarăes
Jens Krabbe
Darryl McAdams, Language Engine
Mike Slinn, Micronautics Research
Morgan Sutherland
Pierce Loftin, Selfies
Robin D.
Tommy van der Wal, Individual with IT and Social interests
Brian Bugert
Faiz Ahmad, Independent Researcher
Bhav Ashok, CognitiveScale
Robert Johnson
Jasper Makkinje, University College Roosevelt
Alessandro Prest, LogoGrab, ETH Zurich
Kyle Lussier, Founder / CEO of TICKLE.ME and COUNTERVAILLANCE
Tuhin Srivastava
Marek Rosa, CEO at Keen Software House
Cory Forsyth
Sarah Rosenhahn, Artist
Joao Fabiano, Oxford, Ph.D. student
Tess Smidt, Berkeley, Computational Materials Physics PhD Student
Nicholas Sailer, Betaversity
David Kooijmans
Warren Smith, Computer Engineer Waterloo, Mobile Engineer @ Uber
Paul Nurse, Business Lobyist
Patrick Janson, Electrician
Vincent C. Müller, ACT/Anatolia College
Agyey Arya, Student
Bart De Ceulaer
John Park
Rahul Ranjan, The Walt Disney Company
Jasper Makkinje, University College Roosevelt
Wade Needham
Henrik Ĺberg
Diana Hu, Data Scientist, OnCue TV
Micah Mangione, Arizona State University
Don DeArmond III
Andrew Crandall
Roberto Thais, HireArt
Collin Creach, Barton Malow
Rhodes Hileman
Jakub Dlabka, LABRISK, VSB-TUO
Dale Galiniak, Downers Grove Public Library
Adam Kinder
Caleb J. Walker
Kris Staber, arx anima
Carter Pedersen
Alexandros Marinos, CEO,
Peter Müller, RWTH Aachen University
Saurabh Shrivastava
Mark Johnson, Student
Edward Barker, Biologist
Michael Warner, AI researcher
Thomas Beeg
Martin J. Clemens, Science Blogger
Jeremy Nixon, Harvard College
Marc Hache, CRS
Amnon H Eden, University Essex
John Siner, Indiana University
Adam Zima
John Hering, Lookout
Wojciech Komór, Warsaw School of Economics
Niels Andriesse, Archimedes Calculator, TU Delft Aerospace Engineering
Chris Nicholson, Skymind
Vasileios Selamis
Ted Thayer, Space Physics
Paolo Palombo
Edward Thomson
Carlota Martinho
John Elliott PhD, Chromalloy Castings Senior Quality System Engineer
Rene Verheij, selfemployed AI programmer from the Netherlands
Jonathan Alencar
Elliot Sumner
Rudy Krol, Amazon Web Services
Joshua Lee
Axel Eriksson, 3D Hjälp
Tom Manderson, University of Queensland
Sergio Mejía Ch., Co-founder and Director of Web Technology Platforms
Gabriel Diamond, Astromythology Institute
Olavi Soosaar, AI researcher
Matthew McAuliffe
Max Silverlind, Nordic Institute of Technology
Mihaela Buza
James Proud
Aneesh Subramanian, University of Oxford
Matt Fagan
Raffaele Barberio, Key4Biz Founder and Director
Sean Clark, Kurasie
Duncan Murray, Acute Software
Genoka Thomassy
Logan Lambert, University of Dayton
Jon Baer, AI researcher
Yury Ignatov, AI researcher
Chris Dyer
Richard Gelissen
Christian Kuzniewski
Sando George, Nowhere special
Tim Barreto
Jeremy Mawson
Jose Maria Martin
Erwin Hoogerwoord, TU/e
James McDermott, University College Dublin
Zavain Dar, VC and Lecturer
Derek Brown, LinkedIn, Addepar
Scott Garrabrant, UCLA, Mathematics Ph.D. student
Jeff Ross
Alfonso Gómez-Jordana Mańas, Google
Marko Delic
Luca Ponzoni, Sissa
Michael Crosscombe, University of Bristol
Raphael Royo-Reece
Ben West, CEO, Concinnity
Henry McKay
Kaspar Etter, GBS Switzerland
Justin Hertzell
Marin Assaliyski, Hummingbird Technologies
Vlad Andersson, none
Phil Wolff, Privacy Advocate
Alexandr Shirokov, Research Programmer at University of Auckland
Steve Phillips, Santa Barbara Hackerspace
Alexey Turchin
Matthew Kolodzik
Denny Vrandecic, Google, Founder of Wikidata
Robert W. Williams, Univ Tenn & Human Brain Project
Peter T. Morgan
Mark Babatunde
Jean Chassoul, io fun
William Hertling, Writer and Futurist
Chao Wang, Technology Enthusiast
Ian Dunteman, None
Anubhav Ashok, University of Texas at Austin, Student and Apple Intern 2014
Paul Vogel
James Herring, Deep Thinker
Harry Moreno, Engineer at R3DM
Jim Carter, Arkansas State University
Naomi Moneypenny, AI Researcher & Chief Technology Officer, ManyWorlds, Inc
Jennifer Wasson
Greg Kieser, Systems theorist at Agenda Supersystemic
Alan Özalp
Mathieu Roy, Université Laval
Alexi Parizeau, Goldsmiths, University of London student
Liz Ramirez, Reader
David Cieslak, Aunalytics
Stephan Zuchner, U of Miami, Professor and Chair for Human Genetics; Co-founder The Genesis Project and ViaGenetics Inc
Aaron Powers, Academy of Art University
Samuel Hilton, HM Treasury
Marcus Blankenship
T. J. Whelan, Human
Brian Shields
Bryce Woodworth
Mark Koltko-Rivera, The Ontos Companies
Joaquin Casaubon, University of Texas
Henry Kautz, University of Rochester
John Hammersley, co-founder of Overleaf / WriteLaTeX
Peter Xing, Transhumanism Australia
Boris Debic, Google, Chief History Officer
Yibing Wang
Rafael Sánchez Lamoso, Software & Automation Engineer
Malcolm Greaves, CMU
Thibaut Smith, FSLHome
Gregory Cranston, Nuclear Engineer
Juan Delard de R., Data Scientist / Psychohistorian
Bradley Prince, University of Calgary Medical Student Association President
Faizi Javaid, Robotics Student
Narendran Thangarajan, CS Grad Student, UC San Diego
Geoffrey Brennan, 33rd Square
Jean Chassoul
Arets Paeglis, Latvian Transhumanist Association
Irene Elisabeth Hitchcock, Mother of RJH
William A. Mills
Jon Gehrke MD, des moines orthopedic surgeons
Arush Kakkar, Delhi Technological University
Sebastian Conybeare, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, student.
Peter Atashian, Rust Programmer
Renan de Cornouaille
Gloria El Bey, African People Against Covert Technology
Adam Holt, Author
Brady Lacko, Electrical Engineering Student at the University of British Columbia
Roberto Gomez
Tim Golding, Health and safety professional
Paul Pallaghy, Neo AI Systems P/L, Melbourne, Australia
Erwann de Carheil, Translator
Sandy Maguire, University of Waterloo
Theresa Carbonneau, STG
Gert de Cooman, Ghent University
Troy D. Inderlee, AI Systems Manager of Jackonword Ent.
David Bergwall
Justin Wardell, Desert Wizards of Mars
Dan Dipierro
Daniel Roth, and Aspire Rock
Robert Hanson, author, the quantum sausage machine
Daniel Miller, MIT
Nicholas Kong, Google
Michelle Andresen
Russell D. Nomer, CISSP, ITIL V3, CEO of Russell Nomer Consulting, Inc.
Fernando Ribeiro
Frank Betancourt
Kevin Lawrence, Software Developer, Researcher, and Educator
Jeff Nelson, Founder, Chromebook project @ Google
Christian Kaiser, Order of Magnitude Labs
Zacharias Westergren, Indiana University Bloomington
Cliff Peskin, Co-President BuzzBuzzHome
Dawid de Beer
Pierre Huguet, Software architect - Technology instructor UCSD
Chris Watkins
Aleksey Ruditskiy, Georgia Institute of Technology
Miles Brundage, Arizona State University
Dillon Forbes
Douglas Frank, Non Profit Governmental Affairs
Leslie F. DeLashmutt, Jr., Retired -- California Dept of Health
Ashish Patel, Sr. Manager Development & Solution Architect
Matthew Luciw, Boston University, Neurala, AI researcher
Qi Guo, Carnegie Mellon University
Michael Kiernan
Jason Powell
Greg Graham
Chong Eng Ng
Connor Stookey
Peter Jaric, Software developer
Alec Quaite, Aviation Consultant
Adrian Dorrius
Clayton Smith
Mohak Bhambry
Kemal Delic, Hewlett-Packard
Mohak Bhambry
Vithushan Vijayaratnam, University of Westminster
Matthias Debernardini
Noah Powell, AI Pioneer
Cory Costanzo, Costanzo Orthodontics
Sam Wallace, Swinburne University, Student
Alan Longmuir, Deakin University
Michael Altenburg, MAF Group, Partner
J Brown, retired
András Tóth
Christian Ohlendorff Knudsen, Private
Jeff Overbeek, engineer
Alex Kalogeropoulos, Founder and CEO of The Social Station
Abhinav Tushar, Student
Matthew Sigmon, Media production
Rod Gibson, IBM
Derek Armstrong, Mabus Tech
Mark Markens
Roderick Campbell, co-founder of CommitChange
Chris Watkins
Magnus Hedlund, PhD student, Uppsala University
Kevin Leyton-Brown, University of British Columbia, Professor of Computer Science
Chris Walker, Agile Precis, LLC
Jasper Horrell, Deep Data
William Eden, Vice President, Thiel Capital
Kristjan Korjus, PhD student at University of Tartu
William Eden, Vice President, Thiel Capital
Prasanna Chilukamarri, Systems Engineer
Jacques Loussert
Ivo Elshof, Best4u Group
Laurent Alexandre, CEO NBIC finance
Andrew Melchior, Third Space Agency
Ignacio Oliveros, IO CONSULT
Adem Kotil
Theresa Lauraeus, PhD. Aalto University,Business Administration
Tanya Suarez
Stefan Zwierlein, Freie Universität Berlin
Alex Tamman, AJT research
Kristian Rönn, CEO and co-founder of Meta Mind AB, previously Projects Officer at the Future of Humanity Institute
Felix Winstone
Nell Watson, DexEthics
David Kok
Anthony Milou
Winfried Hamer
Joseph Kellner, University of California, Berkeley
Pedro Barros
Jacopo Giola, Futurist
Thierry Marianne, Weaving the Web
Henri Sormunen, Student
Yasmeen Drummond, epidemiologist
Josef Svenningsson, Chalmers University of Technology
Stephane Morali
Suresh Bhat, Indian, Hindu, Democrat
Kevin Hutchinson, Founder of
Richard Hull, co-founder Light Castle
Mario Profili, Chief SW Architect
Philip Brandner
Jon Nordby, Software Engineer, The Grid
Juan Carlos Castilla-Rubio, Planetary Skin Institute
Martin Lequeux Gruninger, EPITECH Student
Robert Del Naja, Musician/artist: Massive Attack
Joel Nordstrom
David Bhowmik, Imperial College London
Zenghui Liu
David Wood, Chair, London Futurists
Mats Lewan, Technology and Science journalist, Ny Teknik, Stockholm, Sweden.
Jelena Luketina, Aalto DL group
Mike Touzard
Kieren Heikkinen, Civil Engineer
Leann Purdy
Cameron Burgess
Daniele Leoni
Michael Wögerbauer, Agfa HealthCare
Florian von Oppenheim, University of Oxford alumnus
Jan Philipp Bensmann, University of Jena
Andres Leon Suarez Cetrulo
Gavin Brooks
Tom Elliott, Software Engineer
Andres Reibel, PhD Imperial College
Chin Ching Kang, UDN TAIWAN
Andrew Moore
Philippe Delanghe, Product marketing director ITESOFT
Paul Readfern, FInstLM
Jérémy Perret, Toulouse, AI Ph.D. Student
Geir Tunlid, Co-founder of Tunsoft
Jan Wouters
John O' Connor, Excalibur (UK) Ltd
Mark McAndrew, Founder, Worldwide Computer Company (Charity Engine)
Alex Norta, Tallinn University of Technology
Edward Johnson, Teacher
Mark Davey
Jacques Badenhorst, Investor
Julien Chen, University of Manchester
Tran Van Hoai, Lecturer
Anatoly Makarevich, Student (Big Data)
Daan Koot, MSc - Information Science
Antonio Miguel
Dermott Clarke
Megan Daly
Alvar Soosaar, Co-founder, TableSpoon Ventures
Kirill Korotaev, Tech Entrepreneur
Nic Greenway,
Agnello Oliveira, Technologist
Zaf Gandhi, Excellis Business Consulting
Romain Rosset, B.Sc. Electronic Engineer
Zhongyi Xiao, SWUPL
Jonathan Sowler

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