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Warehouses are dynamic and fast-paced environments.

Order spikes and fast moving SKUs can cause congestion, inhibiting operations performance.

Optimizing traffic flow to balance throughput and safety is not a simple task but it is certainly made easier by advanced AI technology.

AMR location, utilization and activity information--real-time and historical--can help to optimize throughput and enable proactive troubleshooting.

Visibility into where associates are working most often can help operators to better slot inventory and alleviate congestion.

Heat Maps provide extended visibility into your operation, enabling you to make informed decisions to ensure SLA compliance while optimizing labor and facility utilization.

With a connected and cloud-based view of fast moving SKUs and their locations in the warehouse, a Heat Map can give you valuable insights to help you alleviate congestion.

Outlook Series' Michael Lippis interviews Fergal Glynn to gain 6 River Systems' perspective on Warehouse Operations Visibility.

Fergal is the VP of Marketing at 6 River Systems.

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