Fixed, Flexible and Hybrid Warehouse Automation



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With E-commerce booming, organizations are turning to warehouse automation to realize flexible and agile supply chain systems.

Infrastructure options range from traditional fixed automation like conveyors and sortation systems, hybrid systems like goods-to-person and flexible automation like AMRs.

But, traditional fixed automation solutions may not provide the flexibility you need.

Flexible automation solutions like mobile robotics, advanced picking tech and mobile racking systems are being leveraged by firms with aggressive expansion plans.

But, for certain SKUs & business models, traditional warehousing solutions like ASRS, conveyors and sortation systems play a critical role in achieving better results.

So, it's a balancing act between using flexible and fixed systems to derive the full benefits of warehouse automation.

Outlook Series' Michael Lippis interviews Mark Messina & Sriram Sridhar to gain Addverb Technologies' perspective on Fixed and Flexible Warehouse Automation.

Mark is CEO of Addverb Americas, and Sriram is the CRO of Addverb Americas.

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