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Making the decision to move to any new technology paradigm can be hard.

However, leveraging the lessons learned by the companies that pioneered SaaS, and understanding the multi-tenant architecture that underlies successful SaaS offerings today, can help IT professionals make informed decisions when evaluating cloud-based networking solutions based on a single-tenant, virtualized-tenant, and multi-tenant architecture.

With single tenancy, vendors provide a single physical infrastructure, database and application stack per customer.

With virtualized-tenancy architectures, which are a variant of single tenancy, physical infrastructure may be shared but the vendor still provides a single database and application instance per customer.

Multi-tenancy is a truly shared model, with a single infrastructure, database and application stack utilized by all customers.

To select a technology approach that best meets an enterprise’s business needs, IT managers should evaluate a vendor’s cloud-based networking offering using key criteria.

Outlook Series' Michael Lippis interviews Steve Woo to gain Aerohive Networks' perspective on Cloud Networking.

Steve is a Senior Director of Product Management at Aerohive Networks.

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