Controller-less Wi-Fi Drives Significant Overall Reduction in CAPEX & OPEX Costs







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Enterprise Wi-Fi networks are going through a fundamental and generational change.

Enterprises want the mobility and productivity of Wi-Fi with the scale, performance, resilience, and ubiquity of the Internet.

You shouldn't have to 'make-do-and mend' your wireless infrastructures; nor do you have to invest in 'odds on'
systems just to get what you need.

Your organization depends on seamless mobility, straightforward management, cost-effective deployment, and low-cost upgrades.

But, controller-based WLANs were designed for an era when there was insufficient processing power in Access Points to distribute intelligence.

The controller-less approach distributes all control functions and data forwarding to smart APs. This is similar to how routers in the Internet function.

So, to simplify cloud based Wi-Fi, more and more organizations are choosing to leverage a controller-less wireless LAN.

We interview Devin Akin to gain Aerohive Networks' perspective on  Enterprise Wi-Fi.

Devin is the Chief Wi-Fi Architect at Aerohive Networks.

Contact Aerohive Networks at 408-510-6100 or click here.

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