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Users love freedom and mobility, but they also demand that IT consistently deliver predictable performance in spite of the dynamic nature of Wi-Fi networks.

Wi-Fi networks are getting faster and smarter, and that helps, but Wi-Fi administrators are still hampered by having minimal visibility into how well they are actually delivering what their users expect.

Administrators don't typically have visibility into the performance level being provided to the Wi-Fi clients by the infrastructure, and their infrastructure only has limited ability to dynamically adjust to deliver the experience their users are demanding.

Today's Wi-Fi administrators can only hope their clients are getting the planned level of performance – and that isn't good enough.

So, to gain a competitive edge, look for a solution that leverages the ability to set SLA parameters per user group, to monitor SLA statistics in real-time, to monitor every client’s health score individually or collectively, and to take significant corrective action when and where needed.

We interview Joel Vincent to gain Aerohive Networks' perspective on wireless fidelity.

Joel is the director of Product Marketing at Aerohive Networks.

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