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Across the technology spectrum, more vendors are moving away from established pricing models to alternatives based on performance and overall value.

The backup and recovery market is now entering a new era to address the industry value proposition on data recovery…not backup.

The Recovery License Model introduces a clear pricing differentiator based on recovery that provides both immediate and long-term value to the customer on a significant scale.

So, to gain a competitive edge, select a cloud storage pricing model that does not makes it hard to predict the price you are actually signing up for.

Outlook Series' Michael Lippis interviews Eran Farajun to gain Asigra's perspective on cloud storage pricing models.

Eran is an Executive Vice President with Asigra.

Contact Asigra at 416 736 8111 ext. 1457 or

Is backup really like car insurance?

The Next Great Disruptor to the Data Protection Status Quo

Imagine being responsible for paying only a very small “insurance premium” for backup/recovery protection. In other words, imagine a process similar to the old methods but significantly cheaper, i.e., paying a marginal amount of money to cover the data being backed up. If you later experience an event that results in the need for recovery, then you pay an additional deductible matched to the level of calamity you experienced.

Why should we pay so much for all the capacity that we back up, when what we really want to focus on is how much we will need to recover?

Download your complimentary copy of the ESG white paper Licensing: the Next Great Disruptor to Data Protection Norms to get the Bigger Truth on the new Asigra Recovery License Model.

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