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An enterprise cloud network is one that embodies the characteristics and capabilities that define public cloud services.

These include being ‘elastic’, the option to only pay for capacity that is being used, and the power to cost effectively scale the infrastructure.

This is requisite for optimizing the delivery of web, mobile and cloud-based applications.

Pay-As-You-Grow provides on-demand scalability up to the physical limit of a single appliance.

But, what about situations where even greater capacity is required?

The traditional response to has been to pursue forklift ADC upgrades to achieve substantially greater throughput.

However, what’s really needed is the option to fully leverage multiple appliances as a single logical ADC, and thereby benefit from the resulting aggregate capacity.

We interview Greg Smith to gain Citrix's perspective on Appliance Clustering.

Greg is the Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Citrix Systems Cloud Networking Group.

Contact Citrix at 800-424-8749 or click here.

TriScale technology delivers unprecedented cloud scalability to your datacenter

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