Virtualization: Doing Much More with Less






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Virtualization can maximize the utilization of existing computing resources and more quickly provision systems, services, applications and desktops.

Furthermore, virtualization helps reduce datacenter operating expenses and increases the availability of critical business systems.

However, many IT teams still think that it is not advisable to deploy application and server virtualization technology together.

To the contrary, server and application virtualization are complementary and they often should be combined, not only to amplify the capabilities of the respective technologies but to achieve greater positive impact to IT and your business.

Sure, the benefits of server virtualization in early generation products were often offset by performance and complexity tradeoffs, but technology has now come to market that makes virtualization simple and economically feasible for key infrastructure components.

We interview Simon Crosby to gain Citrix's perspective on the role of high availability and management in virtualization.

Simon is the CTO of Citrix's Virtualization and Management Division.

Contact Citrix at 800-424-8749 or click here.

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