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As companies continue to increase their usage of cloud-based applications, and as the extended workforce expands, the importance of controlling who has access to what systems and how access is granted is imperative.

It has become increasingly more important to have one single source of security for all information, applications and systems required by the organizationís extended workforce and supply chain.

One source of security helps each organization in its effort to provision and de-provision users from various internal and external applications in an expedient manner to minimize risk.

Companies in various industries have said that this is particularly beneficial for their high investment joint ventures.

At the same time, organizations need to consider internal policies and external government or regulatory compliance issues and how they impact access to information and systems.

We interview Dave Miller to gain Covisint's perspective on Cloud-based Identity Management.

Dave is the Chief Security Officer of Covisint which is a Compuware company.

For Covisint sales inquiries please call 1-888-222-1700 or Click here.

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