AI Drives Quantifiable Insurable Risk






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Enterprise cyber risk is caused by inside-out and outside-in data, as well as data from many other sources such as the dark web.

Processing that data is a challenge and is being tackled by leveraging technologies such as artificial intelligence.

Traditionally, cyber insurance was only purchased by businesses processing sensitive information with coverage only for third party liabilities.

Now, firms big and small, regardless of how much sensitive information they are handling, are realizing the need for comprehensive and standalone cyber insurance.

For instance, with automation becoming integral to the manufacturing sector, there has been an increased likelihood that cyberattacks can lead to network outages and entire work stoppages.

Small businesses are finding that while cybersecurity tools may be helpful, cyber insurance accelerates the response and recovery process in the aftermath of a cyber incident.

Outlook Series' Michael Lippis interviews Rajeev Gupta to gain Cowbell Cyber's perspective on cyber insurance.

Rajeev is a Co-founder & Chief Product Officer at Cowbell Cyber. 

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