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Complying with strict guidelines are routine daily operations for food and beverage wholesalers and retailers.

End-to-end batch traceability, handling best-before dates and bulks, and integrating a wide range of picking methods such as pick-by-voice all are part of a winning solution.

Food and Beverage firms must quickly adapt to new customer specifications and legal regulations.

To keep a step ahead of the competition, food and beverage firms need a high level of transparency and efficiency from their Warehouse Management System.

Manually picking beverages can be very taxing on the human body.

Pick-by-voice technology enables staff members keep both hands free, allowing them to fully focus on picking the goods.

Outlook Series' Michael Lippis interviews Scott Deutsch to gain EPG's perspective on WMS & Pick-By-Voice in Food and Beverage industry.

Scott is the Americas president for supply chain execution and voice software solutions provider Ehrhardt Partner Group. 

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