Fault Tolerance for Virtual Server Environments Drives Superior Uptime







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As more IT environments virtualize, the availability of the underlying servers becomes ever more critical.

Also, as virtualization technology is leveraged to lower costs, the need for line of business scalable Fault Tolerant applications becomes ever more urgent.

To meet this critical business need, forward thinking firms are leveraging solutions which provide virtualization fault tolerance in hardware that lets each virtual machine’s performance scale to meet the needs of its applications.

To gain a competitive edge, look for a solution that provides database performance in each VMware VM that scales with increasing numbers of virtual CPUs.

Top solutions in this space deliver availability, simplicity and performance.

We interview Denny Lane and Steve Gilman to gain their perspective on Fault Tolerance for Virtual Server Environments.

Steve a Senior Marketing Programs Manager with NEC and Denny is a Director of Product Marketing and Management at Stratus Technologies.

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