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Software has become the most important tool for businesses to find, capture, and retain customers.

Unlike a physical product, software can be changed quickly and often—and today, that’s exactly what customers expect.

They can easily defect to a competitor offering a handy new feature—right after they leave a negative review about your company that could tarnish your reputation and drive away other potential users.

Savvy businesses are using the rapid pace and malleability of software to drive more and more differentiation into the marketplace.

They’re using instant feedback from users to continuously improve software. And increasingly, they’re doing this through DevOps.

By ensuring close collaboration between developers and operations staff throughout the entire software development lifecycle, enterprises are becoming better at ensuring quality, maximizing speed, and reacting to—or even forecasting—market changes.

Outlook Series' Michael Lippis interviews Ashish Kuthiala and Rafael Garcia to gain their perspectives on DevOps.

Ashish is the Sr. Director of Marketing and Strategy at HPE DevOps and Rafael Garcia is the Director of R&D IT at HPE.

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